Monday, December 8, 2014


After three years I finally went to a gay club again!

My first gay club experience was so much fun, especially since we pre-gammed and got drunk off Malibu in the dorms and had a designated DD. I was pretty nervous that night, not knowing what to expect, but it ended up being a blast. I didn't really mingle with any guys because we were all drunk and dancing for most of the night but that was exactly what I needed at the time, just to observe.

However, this experience was more exciting.

My single, gay cousin was in town for a few days so we went to Wilton Manors, the land of gays. We intended on going to The Manor, but we got there about 30 minutes before the club even opened up. We stopped by a wine and tapas café (the one that featured my work in the past), followed by a candy store, than the sex store and back to the car to drop off the candy.

On our way BACK to The Manor, we passed a pub called the Village Pub, which was popping! There were so many guys in there, that both the entrances were blocked with people to get in.  We sandwiched our way through the swarm of men. That sentence sounded way more enjoyable than it actually was. With a bar on both ends of the pub, we made our way to the center, accompanied by a dance floor and sweaty bodies....with rows of onlookers behind us.

I got approached by a guy after a few minutes, so my cousin and I mingled with he and his two buddies. They were cool guys, all in their late twenties and in town for the Thanksgiving holiday. The guy who approached me works for Sony in LA, the second one was a Law student in NY and the third friend was sucking lips with different guys throughout the night, so I didn't catch his story. About ten minutes later, I realized my cousin had disappeared from the circle, who left to play on his phone. As I was scanning the pub for him, about 6 or 7 dudes were just staring dead at me.

After about an hour and a half, the pub had basically cleared out, so we all walked down the street to the Manor. There was a drag show going on that night and we were fortunate enough to have caught the tail end of the last performance. I kid you not, this drag queen looked just like Beyoncé and she killed her performance!

Right after she got off stage, the strobe lights kicked in, the music started blaring even louder and the clothes started coming off. These two super jacked studs who must work out two times a day, six days a week, walked on stage in metallic speedos and sneakers. The crowd was squealing, it was ridiculous. You could see everything but I guess that's the point of having these dancers, to turn everyone on and get the testosterone levels as high as possible. One of them was super hot but I started imagining all the guys he's probably gone home with, which averted my attention. I started taking vidoes and sending them to Mich, who I WISH was there with me.

Than I got bear hugged from behind by some random guy but I was more focused on my group who was heading upstairs. We explored a section of the second floor, which had a lounge area and a bunch of cigarette smokers. Making our way back down stairs, some of the guys contemplated about leaving since it was about 2 AM at that time, but my cousin and I decided to head back in and finish exploring the remainder of the club.

And than things got interesting!

I started mingling with a 35 year old dentist named Eduardo who lives in Cancun and was here solely for black Friday shopping. haha so random. He was extremely handsome and only looked like he was 30. He had an amazing sense of humor, a sexy Spanish accent, a perfect smile and a nice body with rock hard pecs. After about twenty minutes of, more like fifteen, Eduardo started serenading me with that sexy accent, telling me how handsome I was. Haha I was horny and loving it. I saw my golden opportunity and went in for a kiss. Luckily, he was only about an inch taller than me so it wasn't too awkward. Our lips locked and we just started going at it. The sensation I felt as his beard caressed mine was amazing. ughh He kept his beard short and nicely trimmed, similar to mine, which I love on a guy.

We probably looked really romantic, like this:


During an intermission from our smooching, I looked up and realized we were standing in the middle of an open area with a few people enjoying the show, so we snuck to the dance floor for some more fun haha

Round two!

There may or may not have been some grabbing involved as he pushed me up against the staircase, but who knows, things got a bit fuzzy. haha What happens at the Manor stays at the Manor. I looked at my watch and realized it was 3:15 in the morning. I grabbed his face for one last kiss, exchanged numbers and left with my cousin.

On our walk back the car, I pulled my phone out and had three texts, one from each of the dudes I got numbers from that night, including Eduardo. He started sending me 'come back to my hotel' texts but I am not that type of person and I was my cousin's DD.

Once we got home, it was about 3:45 in the morning. I get out the car and my neighbor started whistling at me to come over, who was hanging out on his driveway drinking with a few of his work friends. We had a few drinks, went inside and crawled in bed at 5AM.

Now I need to plan a trip to Cancun! Who wants to join me?!


  1. Oh I know each of the establishments that you visited! I was in Fort Lauderdale last year and a good friend of mine took me to Wilton Manors for a night out. It was a blast!

    Hmmmmm. I might be going to Cancun next Thanksgiving. Perhaps I should be on the lookout for a good dentist down there. Just in case I need to have my mouth worked on. ;-)

    1. Isn't it, though! WM is a hidden gem. Glad you had a fun experience too.

      Hahaha too bad he'll probably be here doing his Black Friday shopping.

  2. So just curious.mthis guy is probably uncut judging by where he's from. Have you changed your mind about uncut since this post?

    1. Interesting question. haha I hesitate to even re-read that post because I probably sound like a total narrow-minded asshole.

      To answer your question: I haven't thought about it until this very moment, since I still haven't 'encountered' an uncut guy, but I'd be a team player when/if that day comes. I'm assuming by your comment that most Spanish guys are uncut?

    2. Where do you come down on infant circumcision?

    3. Most Europeans, Asians, and Latinos are uncut. You probably won't notice/care when you do try an uncut guy though or maybe end up liking it. A lot of guys do like it.

      Don't worry about cleanliness. I've never had a problem with any of the guys I've been with. I wonder if gay guys are more clean than the stereotype since they're more interested in dicks haha.

      And your "still haven't 'encountered'" comment. HAve you encountered cut dicks either? I've gotten the impression you haven't done much besides making out

    4. I don't discriminate either way. I know some people decide to circumcise their infant son for cleanliness reasons and others for spiritual purposes. For example, I live in a high, Jewish populated area and they turn it into a celebration...called a Bris Ceremony. The family all watches it happen as the eight-day-old baby boy is brought into the room on a giant pillow and I think it's the Rabi that makes the cut. I don't have the stomach to witness something like that haha snip snip

      I'm pretty inexperienced but yes I have encountered cut dicks. You're right, I may end up liking uncircumcised even more, who knows. I heard sex is more pleasurable for a guy who's uncut because all of his nerve endings are still intact, making it more sensitive.

      The only thing I would be hesitant about is their hygiene, but it sounds like you've never run into that problem. Which do you prefer?

    5. I probably prefer uncut slightly more, but it's not a huge preference. And I don't think the nerve ending thing is as huge a deal as some people make it out to be. I'm cut and I can get pretty sensitive sometimes and some uncut guys I've been with are really almost a little too sensitive sometimes. I think most of the pleasure of sex is mental anyway, both just because our brains are wired to like doing it and because of the intimacy of being open and trusting with someone and pleasure from making another person feel good.

    6. Also would like to say the number I had to type in for the confirmation for the last one was 69

  3. Sounds like a good time! I was never much of a clubber. I met my guys at quieter bars, or in the neighborhood, or out doing something. Nothing against it, but not my style.

    And I agree, it's a whole lot less about the dick, but the guy it's attached to - though I do love me a slender, uncut cock with a nice floppy foreskin to play with!

    Peace <3

    1. It was fun to let loose a bit. :) I would be completely content if I didn't step back into another club for another six months though. Ditto, out doing something would be my ideal way to meet a guy.