Sunday, December 21, 2014

Norman Reedus is Dating My Best Friend!

Thursday was such a WONDERFUL day filled with giddy excitement!!

I was FINALLY reunited with my best friend Michelle after six months of being apart! She just returned from a life changing WWOOFing trip to Utah, Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington and Canada.

Within fifteen minutes, we were back to our typical shenanigans.

There's so many snowbirds in South Florida this time of year so we shot them.

Just kiddinggggg. But some of the elderly people could use a nice pop for their disgraceful diving skills.

We were in my backyard doing a 'badass' themed photo shoot. I didn't tell her any other information, besides to look badass. I was photographing Mich for the drawing I'm giving her for Christmas, inspired by one of her favorite shows, the Walking Dead.

She wants Norman Reedus' babies, so I'm gonna rock her world and draw them together wielding their weapons. As you can see, she's killed a lot of zombies in her time, look at that perfect form and the way she's caressing the gun between her middle and ring finger. haha


  1. I just started watching The Walking Dead last Saturday and am already almost done with season 3. Thank you Netflix for fueling this addiction. Haha. Have you seen any of it?

    1. Damn you're flying through the Seasons! Netflix is like crack.

      Were the first two seasons good? I skipped them and started with season 3 and I'm all caught up to season 5. But one of my favorite characters dies in the latest episode (I wont spoil it and divulge who) but I'm so sad :(

      How crazy is the Governor! That psycho bastard annoyed me so much

    2. Yea. The first two seasons were stressful for me because I don't do well with interpersonal conflict (among "friends"). But season 3 has been terrific so far... (One episode left for me). Your so right, Netflix is like crack especially since it automatically goes to the next episode. And to your point, the governor makes me so angry!!

      The thing I like the most about this show is that it shows the psychological toll of something like this - zombies outbreak.

    3. That's what I heard...and part of the reason why I skipped them haha I was more interested in their survival tactics and bonding rather than the conflict and character development in the first two seasons.

      I totally agree, the psychology behind the show is phenomenal. It's interesting how they sought refuge in a prison, which is totally genius, yet the least likely place someone would voluntarily want to live in in any other circumstance. And how the different non-dead groups are just as brutal to each other as the zombies are. It also makes you wonder how long you'd last in a zombie outbreak; where'd you go, who'd you want to group up with, the weapon you'd want to wield, etc etc.

      It's also freaky how the virus affects everyone once they die, regardless if their bitten or not. That made the show 10x creepier!

  2. "But some of the elderly people could use a nice pop by the BB gun considering how rude they are and how terrible their driving is." - bwhahahahaha!

  3. So cool to reunite with friends! Glad that happened, it will add to the Christmas cheer!

    I don't like shotguns pointed at me! HAHAHAHAHA But I get you on the sunbirds. I was last in Florida in the summer, and the old people are a true DANGER!!!

    Would love to see the picture when it is finished!

    Peace <3

    1. It really is! Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

      Hahaha she had it aimed right for my goods! Luckily it's an unloaded BB gun so I had nothing to worry about.

      They really are! People who don't live in FL have no idea just how many old people flock here for the winter. I swear when I go out, I see just as many, if not more non-Florida license plates than I do FL tags. It should be mandatory to re-take a license test every year after you turn 75.

      I finished sketching it out this afternoon, so far so good. I'll post the final product in a few days :)

  4. I recall seeing a lot of cars with Quebec license plates the last time I was in Ft. Lauderdale in the winter.

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