Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I Tried Liquid Pot!

My two homies Anita and Patty were in town two weeks ago. Anita's a super senior at UCF and Patty moved to upstate New York, to find herself. It's a rare occasion when the three of us are reunited, so we had to take advantage of the evening.

I met up with Anita, her boyfriend and her bf's friend at a bar in Mizner Park and spent the entire time reminiscing old times and laughing over drinks. Anita, Patty and I all drove to high school together our senior year and there were mornings where we were not in the mood to deal with all the bullshit that comes with being in high school...so we would get high, hit up McyD's for some hash browns and barely make it to first period on time.

On one occasion, a group of about 8 of us met up at a shopping plaza across the street from our high school to smoke. It was FCAT testing day for the Juniors and all the teachers/staff become neurotic during testing. The seniors are put in the gymnasium for several hours to just hangout. So we decided it would be way more fun to smoke together in Patty's truck (Big Red), behind the loading dock of a Publix.

After we finished smoking, we walked into Student Services to get our passes to the gym...trying to look and act as sober as possible. Anita has the funniest one liners and I'm one of those people who cant stop laughing once I start, so it was a bad combo in that situation. She's cracking jokes, I start laughing and before long we're causing a scene. The front desk lady wasn't amused, buzzed the Assistant Principle and took us back to his office.

That was such a buzz kill, I was terrified in that moment. The A.P. made us sit outside his office and than individually brought us in, questioning our whereabouts that morning. I couldn't even tell you what I said to that man, but he let us off the hook and sent us to the gym. haha

Another time the three of us got high before school, Anita and I decided it would be more fun to skip and go to our ceramic teacher's room and hang out with Rachel, who was in his first period class. He was such a cool teacher and let us skip into his class occasionally, because we were his favorite students. haha the perks of being artsy!

He clearly knew we were baked and quickly pulled us into his office and just stood there staring at us as we chuckled at him...just waiting for his response. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life after he blurted out 'What is wrong with you too!?' Anita and I were howling. Rachel later told us that her entire class was watching and laughing along with us, so I'm happy we were able to provide that morning entertainment for them.

After laughing about our high school days, we left the bar and met up with Patty at a house party, which was filled with primarily music festival, hippy kids.

People were taking bong hits off the kitchen counter, a vaporizer was being passed around, most definitely some other drugs and than there was a mysterious bowl with brown liquid in it. I sat down at the kitchen table, which had a mound of crayons and computer paper on it and started doodling, until Anita walked over with the bowl of brown liquid in one hand, a pipette in the other, yelling "it's liquid pot, we have to try it!" haha

Since none of us had ever had liquid pot before, we were super hesitant at first and cautiously squeezed a few droplets into our mouths. One of the guys at the party warned us that it was pretty potent stuff, but we didn't feel anything so we went back for seconds...and thirds. I hadn't smoked in about four months prior to that night, so it hit me pretty hard. haha

The high kicked in but it was a total body high and we were all hysterically laughing the entire night. Such a fun night with beautiful people.

Much love guys!


  1. Sounds like a good time - it's always fun to reminisce about old times with old friends. A group of 6-7 of us used to sit in our garage on cool summer nights and dare each other to snort Koolaid packets (in case you're wondering, don't do it). Haha. Thanks for updating us. Can't wait to hear how the gay club was

    1. That sounds extremely painful and a terrible way to ingest a shit load of sugar, did you guys feel kool doing it? lol I wonder if it temporarily stained the insides of your nostrils different colors! Leave it to a group of kids to try and get high off Koolaid haha Girls in high school used to dye the tips of their hair with red Koolaid but I didn't hear of anyone snorting it.

  2. hey! is it weird you popped up on my instagram the other day?! i was like, hey! that guy looks familiar! not sure how it ended up on my suggested feeds but definitely was a 'small world' moment!

    1. Hey there. No way, what a small world indeed! lol I always wondered how that suggestion page worked...it's kind of scary how advanced our technology is these days. Now you can follow my boring life on two social media sites haha

      I hope you're enjoying life in your new city, Doc! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Lol thanks! I'm sure there will be plenty more to come

  4. After so much pot, what about your gay sex? Gone?