Saturday, September 6, 2014

Happy Tears

I used to work at Tropical Smoothie and I wanted to share the message my manager sent me on Facebook:

Jeremy you just absolutely blow me away....who would have EVER thought that a former employee of mine at TSC would have such an incredible God given talent... just don't forget us little people when you are having a New York Showing to the Rich and Famous....because that is where you ARE headed...I get speechless sometimes looking at your artwork...breathtaking.

I got accepted into art school after college, I'm a good artist... but YOU are GIFTED Jer..... I mean DAMN... I could always draw everything....EXCEPT people, and you have this talent, gift...this perception of looking at people...and sketching them, and not just people, literally take my breath away looking at your art.

I wasted my talent and did nothing with it, but I just had talent, you have a without a doubt, the best God given talent I've ever seen Jer and I think you remember that I'm bluntly honest...and I would NOT be saying ANY of this if I didn't believe it, see it, shit, when you draw some things sometimes...I can feel it...It's unlike anything I've ever felt before... maybe it's because whenever I look at art, I obviously don't know the artist.. because lets be honest...I don't know anyone that can draw beyond bob marley as a stick figure smoking a fake joint with rainbows and unicorns in the it must be because I know I miss you and PLEASE keep posting your art...I LOVE looking forward to buying one one day....if I can afford it lol Love ya and keep doing what you were intended to do, I'm so proud of you.

Day, made. And who knows, maybe I will have a New York showing one day! If I do, you're all invited!!

Much Love Guys.


  1. I love the joint tribute. That is so wonderful!!!!

    You are such a great artist. !!!!

    1. Thank you so much Ashley!! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on my posts, they always make me smile! By any chance, did you buy the book Be a Free Range Human? I hope you're doing well!