Tuesday, September 2, 2014


This is a judge-free zone. Haha

So, last night I put myself in a very precarious situation. I don't know what I was thinking, but I met up with a guy off Grindr, after only messaging back and forth for two hours. He wasn't even all that attractive, but he was really cool and seemed like an interesting person. I felt this urge to meet him and pick his brain. Plus, I've been feeling really lonely and I guess I kind of snapped and needed some adventure and excitement in my life. Something fun to tell my friends.

He was a few years older than me, lives in Orlando and in town for a friend's wedding. He told me all his friends went up to West Palm to party and he stayed behind at the hotel and invited me over. I sat in my room contemplating it for a while and finally accepted and drove to the hotel. I was so nervous when I pulled into the parking lot. He said he would be waiting outside of the lobby entrance, but I circled around the hotel several times and there was no one outside either of the entrances. I started getting a little sketched out.

After twenty minutes, I realized that I was at the WRONG HOTEL! haha I'm such an idiot. That should have been my warning from above, to just go home. I messaged him and he told me that I was taking too long and that he went back up to his room. I couldn't tell him I spent 20 minutes looking for him at the wrong hotel, so I made up a white lie and told him my friend had an emergency and I had to shoot over to her place real quick.

Once I drove across the street to the correct hotel, I sat in my car for ten minutes, just take make my story more believable. After five minutes, I sent him a message saying I was leaving my friends place and on my way over...and than after another five minutes, I messaged him again saying I had just arrived.

He sent me a message back with his hotel number, so I got out of my car, said a prayer and walked into the hotel lobby. I was so nervous that I walked right past the elevators and ended up at the other end of the lobby. I didn't want the desk clerk to think I was suspicious, so I walked into the bathroom and took a piss.

I causally walked back out into the lobby, retraced my steps and entered the elevator. As soon as they opened, I told myself I couldn't back out now as they closed behind me. That walk down the hallway felt like the longest walk of my life. His room was the last one on the left, across the hall from the stairwell. I knew incase anything went wrong, there was an emergency exit three feet away and I could get away. I stood in front of this hotel door, took a deep breath and knocked...

A few moments later the door opened and I immediately smelled pot. This guy was about 5' 9", 170lbs, tan, dark hair and looked like a mix between Spanish, Arab and Italian. His eyes were red and as soon as he said hi, I smelled pot on his breath. I was relieved knowing he was high, because that meant he would be harmless and it would make for an even more interesting conversation.

He must have been sharing the room with at least three other people because there was a lot of stuff in there, like bags, clothes, toiletries, etc. strewn around the room. Way more than one or two people would need for a weekend trip.

We walked over to the beds and he immediately jumped into the furthest one from the door, the one closest to the window. I didn't know what to do, so I sat down on the other bed. He laughed and asked me to come over to his bed, so I got up, took off my shoes and sat in the bed with him.

I immediately noticed that he was wearing two necklaces that caught my eye, so I asked him what they meant. One was a small dream catcher with little metal feathers dangling off the bottom and the other was two small angel wings. We started talking about dreams, dream journals, lucid dreaming, astral projection, the REM cycle and the symbolism behind dreams. It was really interesting.

Than he kissed me. He was really getting into it, but I wasn't feeling him like that, so I backed off after making out for 15 seconds and said "so what about the other necklace?" He sighed and took the hint I wasn't interested in hooking up with him.

Ironically enough, he didn't believe in angels, even though he had a necklace with angel wings on it. His friend gave him the necklace and calls him his Angel. I thought that was cute. Like so many people, he has a hard time believing in them because he's never had any sort of spiritual encounter. But I thought it was cool that he wears the Angel wings nonetheless.

I told him about the dream I had, which you can find here. I shared it with him to provide some food for thought. After we talked about angels, the conversation shifted to aliens and life beyond our solar system.

All of a sudden the door beeps and his two female friends, who were supposed to be in West Palm, open the door. They got about two feet in the door before they noticed I was there sitting in the bed and quickly shut the door. The guy jumped up and apologized to me, wondering why they were there and not out with their group. I knew that was cue to leave, so I hopped out of the bed, slipped my shoes on, told him I enjoyed the convo and walked out of the hotel. The girls were standing right there, so I made eye contact and smiled for a split second, before speed walking down the hallway.

What I learned from the experience is that I need to continue meeting gay guys, but in a safe way, in a public location. Not through Grindr, but through activities I enjoy, like a yoga class or a class I find on Groupon or LivingSocial.

My quintessential man would be cute, smart, funny, adventuresome, Christian, athletic, kind and a vegan! Taking applications now...

Much Love guys.

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  1. I also consider myself agnostic, though for some reason my whole group of friends that I have formed in Los Angeles are all gay Christians. They are out there! :)