Sunday, August 3, 2014


I know what I'm getting for my second tattoo! After getting my first tattoo two and a half years ago, I knew I would eventually get a second one. I felt no sense of urgency to get back under the needle though, that shit hurt! Rather, when the time was right, I would know what I wanted and where.
Well that time has come and this beautiful idea came to me in a dream I had about a month ago. I was outside, standing in an open field, with white rose petals scattered everywhere. Which is so ironic because the first tattoo I got was a rose. The petals were all over the grass, which were practically glowing from the sun. 

Off in the distance, there was a female with long, shiny blonde hair who was smiling at me. I felt an immense sense of comfort and serenity from her energy, but when I tried to walk towards her, she kept pointing at her wrist. After doing this a few times, I looked down at my own wrist and the word 'Pray' was tattooed onto it.

Than the dream ended. I don't remember looking back up at her or anything after that moment.

I woke up smiling though. Maybe that woman was an Angel who came to deliver that message? I don't know. Regardless of who that was, I like her and I hope she pops up in more of my dreams. haha Clearly subconscious wants me to pray more. I absolutely believe in the power of prayer and I'm excited to see what blessings manifest into my life as I increase my praying. This tattoo will be a constant reminder to have faith and to deepen my relationship with God. I can use all the faith I can get. :)

Much Love guys.

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