Friday, July 18, 2014


Why am I so fucking shy?

There's this guy I've been eyeing at my gym for months now who's a total stud. Yet the second we lock eyes, my stomach drops like I'm plummeting down a rollercoaster and I look away instantaneously. Why is it so hard for me to stare back at him and smile, spark up a conversation and become friends?

He's so beautiful: Tall, fit but not too muscular and has a baseball player's stature. I'm way too attracted to this guy. His presence alone makes me nervous.

Occasionally we finish lifting at the same time and end up next to each other in the stretch area doing abs and he always pushes me to keep up with him. He makes me feel giddy.

The fact that I get excited to go to the gym in hopes that I'll see him there, just reinforces I need to talk to this guy, regardless if he's gay or not. I'm sure he'd be a cool friend, considering we see each other about 5 nights a week.

Hopefully writing this down will give me some incentive to get over this issue and approach cute guys. But let's be real, the next time I see him, I'm going to have a mini heart attack instead.


  1. So, why are you afraid to talk to him? What's really driving your fear?

  2. Just do it! Find a lull and say hi..nothing too serious just say hey I've seen you around a lot and thought I should introduce myself and tell him your name. At least anything after that, you'll know you put the ball in his court. At the very least you'll get his name to fuel your fantasies. :-) lose the fear and just do it! And tell us how it goes.

  3. i agree with madmanMD. do that, then somehow exchange numbers, get his full name, and stalk him on facebook hahahaha

  4. Okay, okay I'll do it! You guys make it sound so easy haha the next time an opportunity presents itself to spark up a conversation with him, I'll go for it. And this is why I love you guys.

    And yes to stalking him on FB! hahaha

    1. That's why they made Facebook right?? No??? Well what other purpose does it serve!? Haha. Good luck! We're all rooting for you!

  5. Just start a casual conversation with him; most probably he is having the same worries about you as you do about him.Ifyyu want to talk about sex bbut yyou do not dare to, choose a sexual subject which is rather impersal, in thesense that it is not eclusive of you two, butis a generalization applied to other guys.that almoost ALWAYS Works. Good luck! Keep us iformed of results

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