Friday, October 25, 2013


Besides coming out, making this blog and pursuing art in college; going vegan is one of the best choices I've ever made. I'm finding so much happiness through healthy, vibrant foods. I feel so much cleaner and ALIVE!

My brother left his juicer at the house before he left to go travel Central America, so I've taken FULL advantage of it. It's my new favorite hobby!! I love going to the local farmers market every week and stocking up on all sorts of delicious fruits and veggies. It brings me so much joy! I juice every morning, followed by a cup of green tea with matcha and they give me such a jolt of energy. But not the jittery energy that coffee and energy drinks gave me, this is brain fuel. I feel so focused and charged. You guys gotta try it.


What I bought at my first visit to the Farmers Market!
About 2/3 of what I buy now :)


My go-to ingredients that I typically juice



Giant Raw Reece's Cups

FullyRaw carrot cupcakes with orange vanilla cream frosting. Attempt #1

Attempt #2
Attempt #3 (I juiced a beet and added it to the frosting!)
Here's the recipe!
I'll start posting pictures and recipes of entrees I've been making as well!! For now, check out this Vegan Tortilla Casserole recipe!

 (Recipes to all the chocolate desserts I made:


  1. That looks awesome. I've been considering going vegan for a while now, just for health/fitness reasons. What finally pushed you over the edge? And do you have any suggestions for newly starting vegans?

    1. Watching the documentary 'Earthlings' on YouTube pushed me over the edge. I would suggest slowly going vegan by incorporating more and more vegan dishes into your diet instead of going cold turkey. That'll make the transition easier. Start following vegan blogs, vegan YouTubers, order a vegan cookbook, take a vegan cooking course, look into Mimi Kirk, and most importantly, listen to your body.

    2. So far I've dedicated this month to going vegetarian. In reality I started last month with the intention of looking my best for whenever I go out to see my new niece. I'm an uncle now!!! Anyway, cutting meat out of my diet hasn't been too dofficult and I already feel better, both physically and emotionally, than I did before! Now I'm adding in simple morning stretches/meditation and hoping that it further helps my mind and body. You've really inspired me to try this out, so thank you Jeremy!

  2. Sorry for creeping on your site, but I love it!!!

    I have been vegan for 7 years and would never turn back... I have my occasional slip up, but for the most part - I just stay strong and power-through cravings.

    Being vegan helps the planet, animals, and yourself... So many people have asked me if I have health problems, however, I'm sure in 20 years they will be the one having a heart attack, not me.