Friday, August 16, 2013

Life after College

Toto, you’re not in Kansas anymore, that’s for damn sure. I’m going through such a transitional stage in my life right now and my brain is still trying to process all of it. Where do I go from here? Shouldn't I know? Shouldn't I have a big boy job lined up, in a new city, in my own apartment?

Well I don't. It's such a shitty feeling. I was fortunate enough to have parents who paid for all my expenses in college, but now I’m supporting myself. Granted I'm living at home and not paying rent. I was living in this delusional fantasy world and had no real concept of money before this moment.

Needless to say, them cutting me off is a blessing in disguise, because it’s lit a fire under my ass to kick things into high gear. I've been working on a website, doing commissions and working on a series, with the hopes that I'll get shout outs (reposts) from these individuals, which will give me some recognition and more commissions.
Here’s what I’ve accomplished:
The series is titled 'Ordinarily Inspirational' and I drew six portraits of people who have a very large and interactive following on Instagram. Hopefully I can get some promotion and good connections out of this!

Rachel Brathen-International Yoga Instructor

Brock O'Hurn- Motivational Gym Guru

FullyRaw Kristina, Vegan Goddess

Todrick Hall, YouTube Extraordinaire

Mimi Kirk, 75 year old Hottest Vegan Alive winner

Patrick Beach, GORGEOUS Yogi ;)

Rachel Brathen contacted me and I shipped my first drawing out to her on Tuesday! All the way to Aruba! AHHHH If you have an Instagram check her out, she's an international yoga superstar and such an uplifting spirit.  

I’m hustling as best as I can here. An alumni student came into my senior portfolio class and his advice to us was, “hustle if you want to make it as an artist.” That stuck with me, probably partially because he was hot. Haha
After I finished that series I drew my sister a portrait for her birthday.

Than I did this baby growth chart commission for my grandma, as a gift to my cousin’s future baby.

My most recent commission is this giant 4x5 foot canvas for my friend to hang in her classroom. She won teacher of the year last year and I hope this painting helps her win again this year! And I hope some other teachers, parents, faculty, etc. see my painting and want one for themselves!

I have two commissions that I’m about to start and I’m praying that the universe continues to bring me love and success.

Love and Light


  1. These are beautiful. You have talent for sure.

  2. Hate to be a debbie downer but isn't that Patrick Beach picture incorrect?

  3. Great work. Keep on Hustlin' in your professional and personal lives!!!