Saturday, May 4, 2013


I have a ten day break before I start Summer classes, so I flew to Arizona to do a road trip with my bro!

I landed in Phoenix, AZ around midnight last Friday, after eight hours of flying and layovers. My brother and I grabbed some food from a local sub shop and then we headed downtown to Mill Avenue around 1:30 AM. Mill Ave is INSANE! I have never seen such a wild scene before in my life. ASU kids are quite the rowdy bunch to say the least. It feels like a mini Las Vegas, no joke. The streets were packed with drunk college students, black out girls being carried over guy's shoulders and puking out of cabs. 30 minutes of Mill Ave was enough for this lifetime. 

Saturday morning I did some yoga overlooking Tempe Bay and it was so freaking relaxing. Here's a shot of back porch view.

Then the packing began. Literally BEGAN. He, nor his roommate, had hardly anything packed and they had two days to completely move out of their apartment. It was Hell on Earth. Those bitches used and abused me in 97° heat from sunrise to sunset. We spent about 18 hours over the course of those two days packing. We were hauling heavy shit down stairs, packing up, trying to sell items on CL last minute, rented a moving truck and somehow managed to get everything in the storage unit in time.
That night we all vegged out in the complex pool and that's where I got a bloody nose. I get a damn bloody nose every time I go to AZ. A group of young adults were BBQ'ing on the other side of the pool, so Amber (Ross' roommate) ran over to them and they were nice enough to lend her some paper towels to give to me.

Lets get to the juicy deets:

Saturday evening we went to an improv show, which was pretty funny and then headed to a bar/lounge called Kelly's in Old Town. We hung out outside on the patio area and had such a chill time. All the trees were lit up with lights and I got to meet a bunch of his friends, who came out for his last night in town. After about two hours of socializing with his friends, we went back inside to the bar area. Amber and I snagged a table.

I looked around the bar and locked eyes with a guy across the bar. I looked away and continued my conversation with Amber. I actually came out to her at that exact moment, which was really cool because she was cool about it. I looked over at the guy again and this time he and two girls were all staring and smiling at me. I pretty much knew by than that this guy was gay and into me.

Amber got up to play mini golf on the opposite side of the bar with her awesome boyfriend. Ross was macking on a chick he invited out, so I was just chilling at the bar by myself. Within twenty seconds, the guy swopped in and approached me.
He was pretty thin, 6', my age, cute smile and studying in the medical field. We immediately kicked it off and started joking with each other. A few minutes later, his gorgeous sister came over and introduced herself, which also coincidentally happened to be her 25th birthday. I was loving every second of her because this girl was drunk, had no filter and kept emphasizing how amazing her baby bro was. It was cute. 

His sister wandered off with her super hot boyfriend and about a half hour later, another girl walked up to us and said she was Ross' friend. Aka Britney, the girl he met a week ago and told her to come out that night to try and bang...and props to him because she looked like Megan Fox. She invited us back to their table with the rest of the gang. And funny enough, the guy I was talking to and Britney ended up hitting it off really well. The bar was starting to close so we made our way back outside. Ross and Britney come back up to us smiling from ear to ear and told us "c'mon, we're heading back to the apartment for a juicing party, you two are coming."

What the hell is a juicing party you ask? A sneaky way to bring people back to your place, that's what. Ross had a bunch of fresh fruit and vegetables left over that needed to be juiced. After some influencing, we convinced the guy to come with us and off we went. Amber and her boyfriend were in the front seats, Britney was sitting on my brothers lap and the guy was sitting on my lap. 

The juicing party began and we started playing music and drinking our nutrients. Haha Then Ross hands out shots of Apple Cider Vinegar and we all chugged one. I had never done an ACV shot before. Holy shit.

About 10 seconds later the nauseous feeling kicked in. Like a boss, I casually got up and walked to my brothers room. As soon as I turned the corner out of sight, I fucking bolted to the toilet and puked everywhere. Then I hear the guy from outside the bathroom door ask "hey what are you doing in there, you've been in the bathroom for like 10 minutes?" 

I tried to play it off and told him I got distracted and I had been texting a friend. I don't remember nor do I think he bought that lie. But I was not about to tell a guy I just met and brought home, that I just threw up. No no. 

After an hour of listening to music and laughing, Amber and her boyfriend went back into her room to bang. Britney helped us blow up the aero bed in the living room and then she and Ross disappeared into his room.

We pushed back the blinds and opened up the window that overlooked the bay and yeah...we had a good time. Lol We didn't have sex, but it was still a really fun hookup. I kissed him first and then he basically ripped my clothes off and slid into third base.

Oh and to make things even better, the following morning I found out that Britney wouldn't put out and Ross got no action besides a few boob grabs hahahahaha SUCKER

Check out Part II of my trip here!


  1. OMG, I must be getting old, I don't get some of the lingo kids use these days. Doesn't hookup = Sex? Haha, Anyway, can't wait to hear what you really did in part 2.

    1. hahaha honestly i think nowadays most kids have a varied definition of hookup, which ranges from just making out, all the way to well, actual penetration. and sex is usually defined as...anal i would think, oral is kind of just "hooking up"

      am i being too brazen with my explanation??? maybe i'm wrong too woops

    2. Hahaha you guys are right. I'm just really prude...any action at all I consider a hookup

  2. Seems like an awesome trip so far!! Can't wait for part 2!

  3. Hey how long are you going to be in Phoenix? I'm up here in Phoenix for the next week. I've been following your blog for awhile now. I feel like I have gotten to know you a little bit through it. If your still in Phoenix we should meet up for lunch or something?? It would be awesome to get to meet you in person.

    1. I was in Pheonix from April 26th-29th :( But I'll definitely be out west again and we can grab lunch

    2. hope your trip went well. Haven't heard much since Phoenix.

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