Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I didn't really have a chance to celebrate my bday because it landed two weeks before finals week and I was swamped with homework. 

My parents hooked it up and express delivered The Nutribullet! It’s totally awesome and I’m so inspired by the health guru David Wolfe, creator of the blender. For breakfast every morning I’ve been making smoothies consisting of: spinach, celery, grapes, strawberries, ¼ apple, ¼ orange, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, mango and orange juice. I’ve had several friends compliment me on my LACK of acne so it must be doing something right! I would seriously recommend this gadget to anyone who is like me and despises eating their vegetables. Just chug that shit. Mmmm (Have a chaser ready)
Secondly, Spring semester ends TOMORROW! I have my last exam at 11:00 and I’m FREEEEE! This semester was intense but I pulled off 5 A’s and a B. :)

As soon as I get home, I'm packing and flying out to Pheonix, AZ on Friday for a cross country road trip with my brother!
We’re starting in Pheonix, AZ à Albuqurque, NM à Amarillo, TX à Oklahoma City, OKà Little Rock, AR à Memphis, TN à Nashville, TN à Atlanta, GA à Jacksonville, FL. Read about the adventure in a two part series here! 
It’s going to be crazy and I’m so beyond excited to see my brother and the shenanigans we'll get into. I get back on May 7th and I begin summer classes the following day. Woot, so stoked! 
I’m taking Screenprint and an Independent Study for Summer A. After that I'm done with college and I graduate in August! So you can FedEx your graduation presents to me at any time. Haha
I'm so stoked for my independent study class to begin. I’m assigned the task to create a six piece series, depicting what it's like to be closeted, through art and illustration. Pretty dope, right? Check out the art here.
Much Love Guys!


  1. Wow, that personal illustrated journal sounds very cool. Is that what you are doing with Nofa?

    1. Yeah! And I'm thinking it would be cool to buy a journal during our trip if I can find one I like

  2. Phoenix bro, PhOEnix!