Saturday, March 9, 2013

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I saw the new Wizard of Oz!! I was so beyond excited to see it last night. Some of my favorite memories as a little kid were watching the original Wizard of Oz with my family. I’ve always been fascinated by the world of Oz, the witches, the creepy flying monkeys, the funny little munchkin creatures and the unlikely ,but lovable crew that Dorothy meets along the yellow brick road. The first time my parents let me watch it, when I was about eight, I was so mesmerized by the world and the creatures, which is so similar to the dreams I've always had growing up.

The new movie was so wonderful. It has the perfect mix of humor, scare, action, fantasy and adventure mixed into it. Especially the little china girl, she is hilarious and so sassy
I loved how the movie began in black and white, just like the original did. James Franco did such a good job playing Oz, not to mention he’s so incredibly sexy and has the cutest, slightly sinister smile.
During the movie, I couldn’t help but pick up on Biblical themes that I found to be interesting. First and foremost, the entire movie is revolved around the battle of Good vs. Evil.
The characters of Oz loosely represent different characters from the Bible. For example,
  • Glinda(The Good Witch of the South): God
  • Oz(The ‘Wizard’): Jesus
  • Evanora(The Wicked Witch of the East): Satan
  • Theodora(The Wicked Witch of the West): Humanity being tempted

1.       Evanora deceives Theodora with an apple, just as Satan did with Eve in the Garden of Eden.

2.       Oz is referred to as 'the Prophet who fell from the sky' to save the people of Oz.

3.       Glinda’s bubble fortress surrounding her castle reminded me of Heaven. Only good souls are able to pass through.

4.       Oz turns to a book for guidance to defeat the Wicked Witches.

5.       Glinda banishes Evanora from the Emerald City and strips her from her magic, similar to God banishing Satan from Heaven.
Overall, I give this movie an 8 out of 10! The acting was great and the characters and animation were beautiful.


  1. I agree. James Franco is sexy! I can't wait to go see this new Oz movie!!

  2. From what I have seen of the previews, the visuals are quite stunning. They would go well with your own paintings, where you go wild with colors -- maybe the movie will inspire you to do a grand painting from your own impressions?

  3. I saw that movies started a bit slow but after that I was hooked.

  4. I feel like those "parallels" are kind of a stretch, to be honest.