Monday, August 13, 2012


1. You have nice abs, I get it. It’s not like you’re shirtless 99% of the time I see you anyways. But the picture text was an interesting parting gift. I can’t look at shaving cream without smirking now…

2. The 2 AM sesh, which led to a discrete location, shirtless, with your hands down your pants.

3.       The time you wanted to play dj while everyone else went to the parking lot. How ironic that Give It Up by Pepper was next on your shuffle list.

4.  The night you slapped my ass. Or the time you flashed me yours.

5.  The night I showed everyone a picture of a guy I thought was cute and you blurted out "He looks just like me!"

6.  How many jumping jacks/pushups did you do again to relive your excitement when you found out I used to have a crush on you?

7. I hope I helped out that time your bowl was dirty and asked me to blow it.

8.  “I’ve shown you all the signs.”


  1. Hey, what's the best way to email or PM you without cluttering up your comments?

  2. Sounds like you've been having fun, getting chased by a guy. Are you going to fill us in?

  3. Now you see the dangers of px90. Unwanted advances. Haha

    We never got an update. How is the website? How is your life been?

  4. You're getting pursued by what sounds like an awesome guy. Can't wait to hear more! And I second the comment above mine, how has your life been?? How's p90x?

  5. This sounds like one of them missed connections write ups.