Friday, August 31, 2012

My Neighbor Went to Prison!

Have you ever met someone, only to realize they aren’t the person that you thought they were?

About two years ago, I was home on break and my family informed me of something that literally sent chills up my spine. My next door neighbor had been stealing money from his company.
I thought they were joking.
Unfortunately, they weren’t. It gets worse, he did the same thing in his previous company, but the charges were dropped because his boss had an ill child that he needed to take care of. Somehow things weren't finalized properly and he started doing it again. But what goes around, comes around and he got caught.
This is not just some random person though. I've known he and his wife my entire life. THey moved into the house next door three months before I was born.  I used to go to their house for dinner, he would support my brother’s high school wrestling matches, he and his wife always came over with cookies, we used to have pool parties, my siblings and I used to babysit their kids.
When asked, he would always say he was climbing the ladder really quickly and kept receiving bonuses and promotions.  He definitely showed off and used the money he was stealing. During the recession, they were the only house on the block with bright green grass. They had a landscaper at their house 2/3 times a week, maintaining their yard like something out of a Homes & Gardens magazine. He gave his son and daughter over the top, elaborate bar and bat mitzvahs that could top most weddings. He bought a new Saab convertible for his wife, put an expansion on the house, completely refurnished, repainted, retiled and redecorated. He bought a boat, air-conditioned the garage so that his wife wouldn’t sweat while doing the laundry and took a family trip to Israel and Egypt.  
But this paradise he tried to manifest for himself turned into a living hell once his Company found out about his devious ways. The cops were sent directly to his house and handcuffed him in front of his wife and children. The wife ran to our house crying and from there, things continued to get worse. After months of denying the charges, he finally confessed.
First he was sent to jail, where he was immediately bailed out and than he was put on house arrest for two years and just received an eight-year-sentence in prison.
His son already has severe mental issues and he fell into a black hole after everything was out in the public. He lasted like one month in college and moved back home and than broke into the local elementary school with another punk. He's now drinking, doing coke and stealing to support his lifestyle.

The mom went from being a stay-at-home wife, to working 50+ hours a week. She lost control of the son and the younger sister was left to fend for herself, which morphed her into a manipulator. 
It's sad. 


  1. Outward appearances can be deceiving -- that advice is appropriate not only for dating but for life in general. Some people want to look the part of success and are willing to do anything to create the mirage.

  2. This really hit home for me, caught my bf with someone else and learned he was living a double life, had other women throughout our relationship, was with them when he said he was with his family, wasnt honest about his work, we had talked about getting engaged. He also has a messed up child, his daughter got pregnant her senior year of highschool, its a special girl to get knocked up before she gets her drivers license (got it in her 2nd trimester, oh and she wanted to go wakeboarding while pregnant)! I feel so sorry for her baby.

  3. I agree Drew, he's a greedy bastard.

    fan of casey- I think success is a great thing to strive for but once someone starts playing dirty, it's only a matter of time before that mirage fades away.

    Anonymous- I'm sorry that your (hopefully ex) boyfriend cheated on you. Karma will get him for lying to you. I hope you're a stronger person from it all and are doing well.