Saturday, August 25, 2012


Hey guys, I hope anyone enrolled in school, had a good first week back! Besides the atrocious parking and torrential downpour all week, mine wasn’t too shabby.

The highlight of my week goes to none other than my figure drawing II class.
My classmates and I were setting up our easels in a circle around a small stage, which was situated in the center of the room. I looked up from my easel as a 30ish year old Asian woman stepped up onto the stage and dropped her robe.
I saw my first vagina in real life. It was so flappy. Can girls store food in those things? I started thinking about all the snacks I'd store in mine if I had one. You wouldn't be able to store chocolate or anything that would melt. You wouldn't be able to store anything hard, like pretzels or Triscuits, because they'd cut into your fallopian tubes. I decided that bubble gum would be perfect to store up there. What kind of munchies would you keep in your kitty?
I couldn’t stop staring at it.  Than I started envisioning her vagina was like the hole from Alice in Wonderland. I can't believe girls just have a hole in their body. Ugh
And then I started wondering why we have pubic hair and why it grows so scraggily and gross. I am an advocate for manscaping. But now that I've seen a full bush on a female, I have to say the girls in pornos who have no hair downstairs look way nicer. Their vaginas are the size of almonds and look so tidy.
I think we can all agree that I've talked enough about vaginas. So anyways, I got a good first impression from all my professors. They all seemed really nice and knowledgeable people.
I spent at least $350 on books/art supplies. I understand why people hold off on college. I love feeling robbed for trying to better myself.
Enjoy your weekends everyone! Try not to be too jealous that I got to see a vagina and you didn't.

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  1. Nature puts hair on the body in places that need protection. No, really, that's why.