Sunday, May 20, 2012


Which condoms and lube are the best?

I did a little research and based on reviews, Astroglide water-based lubrication and Trojan lubricated condoms got great reviews across the board. Zac and I are ready to take our relationship to new heights...

This is the face he makes when the whipped cream and chocolate syrup come out to play.


  1. Any brand of trojan, just make sure its lubricated.

    Lube - definitely worth spending the money on good stuff!! Don't do Walmart or Target brands. ID Glide is what I really like (just make sure it is condom safe). Order online or go to a sex shop.

  2. For lube, I concur that the good stuff is worth it -- especially since it's going to be your first time. For silicone, I like SwissNavy. It's not super expensive, and it works well inside and outside the shower. ;)

    I also like Elbow Grease a lot. It's a creamier texture, and it doesn't wear off (but it does wash off easily). If you're going to go with a drug store brand, go with Wet, which is better than Astroglide (which is better than KY). I'd suggest going to a sex shop and buying a small / trial size of one or two and "testing" them on your own time.

    For condoms, I've switched to Durex Avanti Bare. You can find them anywhere, and they are latex free. I'm not allergic to latex, but a lot of dudes are (and reports indicate that repeated exposure can induce an allergy). In a pinch, I agree with your search -- Trojan is always good.

    On another note, I'm not too far out of college (or the closet) myself, and I enjoy your blog. Keep it up!