Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life Goals

Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.

I am going to graduate from college with at least a 3.4 gpa.
I am going to make new friends and continue to grow in my friendships with my current friends and family.
I am going to read my Bible every day, watch a motivational video every day and read my Upper Room every morning.
I am going to build a website for my artwork.
I am going to adopt a Siberian husky puppy.
I am going to constantly push myself to improve my art skills and expand my imagination.
I am going to transform my body.
I am going to eat healthy every single day.
I am going to kick every negative thought from my head and replace it with my prayer language.
I am going to marry a handsome, successful, loving husband.
I am going to see Ellen DeGeneres live.
I am going to take my family on a dream vacation to Europe as a thank you for everything they have done for me.
I am going to have my art displayed in galleries and museums all over the world.
I am going to be very financially well off.
I am going to drive an Audi one day.
I am going to build an organic garden.
I am going to master every yoga pose.
I am going to learn how to cook.
I am going to love my husband with all my heart.
I am going to take care of myself, my hygiene and the way I look.
I am going to give generously to charities that focus on helping children and animals in need.
I am going to surround myself with positive, motivational people with high dreams like myself.
I am going to be the best uncle to my brother and sister’s children.
I am going to run in a half marathon one day.
I am going to live a long, happy, beautiful life.


  1. AGD: Wow, that's a huge bucket list. Good thing you have a lifetime to try make everything come true. If you get a female husky puppy, I always liked "Aurora" as a girl's name.

  2. I am so excited to tackle every single one of my dreams! It is a large bucket list but I know I can do it. Aurora is a cute name. I am definitely getting a female husly but I already have a name picked. Milo :)

  3. Do it man! The bucket list may be long, but you've got plenty of time to cross everything off the list!

  4. Seriously, all of your wants are very superficial!