Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Circumcised vs Uncircumcised

Do you prefer chopped or unchopped sausages? Serious question!

I’ve never seen an uncircumcised pecker in real life.

What's that extra skin like?

Penises are such a funny topic of discussion. I may be prude, but I love to talk about sex. I find it so amusing. 

And when I go to yoga class, I always think about sex. I’m not sure why but it happens every time.  

Me: There were three smoking hot guys in yoga last night, I wish you were there. Does doing yoga make you horny too?

Kaitlin: "Hahaha Yay! Um sometimes when I’m in a deep stretch I think of how flexible I’ll be in bed, but other than that, it’s just relaxing for me haha."

I do the same thing girl. Yoga is going to come in handy when I start having sex.


  1. AGD: OK, you know that the "anteater" look is just temporary right? Once it comes out of its "shell" it looks just like your pecker. Try it, don't exclude a large segment of the available population on some pre-conceived notion.

  2. So do you have nightmares when an uncut cock starts rumbling in the closet cause you think it's going to come after you and drag you to hell? I don't, well, I consider them more as dreams, good dreams and it's more about getting closer to heaven than hell and yeah

  3. Wow, really?? Ha ha. Yeah I agree with fan of casey, you're really limiting yourself there. Maybe you need some exposure therapy . . . time to bring out the uncut porn!

  4. haha lol. Never thought one could be scared of uncut penises.

    I have one (like I guess 90% of the guys in Europe - circumcision is only done for medical purposes or for muslims) so... are you affraid of me now? Will I appear in your nightmares? ;-) loool

    For the 'beauty' of it, both or fine for me. But besides that, keeping your foreskin makes it possible to play with a dick on so much more different ways than without one, and you don't need lube to jerk off. Only advantages... except in combination with you zipper ;-)

    But seriously, is that really something that matters for a boyfriend? I'can't imagine you asking a guy bout that... when you truly fall for a guy you wont even think of making a point about that (I hope so)... otherwise good luck for picking the right one so your first time doesn't end as a scary movie!

  5. Cut is beautiful. A pic with a sheathed cockhead does nothing for me. In person, an uncut cock looks, feels and tastes differen than it's cut counterpart. I'm with you. And while I'm here...love your blog. Thanks

  6. I have to say, I've been with both uncut and cut dudes, and as a general principle I prefer cut. That said, an uncut dude is fine as long as he keeps it clean...nothing worse than starting to go down on a dude and getting close, and having a smell drift to your nose that smells like rotton VAJJ. kind of like my ex wifes VAJJ

  7. i think uncut dicks are an acquired taste (slash look). it's always fun coming across an uncut guy and i find the uncut look hotter and hotter everyday. i guess it's just such a rarity in the states that it's pretty hot to find a guy who has some foreskin to play with. give it a shot! sex is all about being open-minded.

  8. Well, on this subject I am VERY BIASED! My whole blog is based on why intact penises should be the normal.

    Please see my post where I discuss this very topic:

    By the way, I have seen some very ugly cut cocks; for example, where the circumcision scar is ragged and very dark, where the cut was so tight the skin is not maneuverable once erection is achieved, and where the frenulum was cut reducing pleasure considerably.

  9. See, I always thought that gay guys who describe themselves as "masculine" were more intelligent and easier to get along with than the flamboyant, drama-queen stereotypical ones. This post-and this entire blog, for that matter-proves me wrong. God help you if you ever meet a member of the 85% OF MEN WORLDWIDE who were not circumcised for no legitimate reason!

  10. I'm glad I'm not the only 21-22 y/o virgin in the world! (I've never been in a relationship anyway, or kissed, etc... haha.)

    I would say that from what I've heard, when you're "hoping" that you'll lose you're virginity, 9 times outta 10 you'll lose it to the wrong person. It's something I've seen with other people many many times, and I just wanted to pitch that thought to you. It's something I've been trying to live by as well. :)