Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dream of the Month-February 2012

Welcome to my dream on February 12th…
The dream began with me staring down at a pen and signing myself up for a fitness competition. The first round of the competition took place on the back porch of my parent's house. Except the back porch was huge compared to what it is in reality and the ground was grass instead of tile. A really cute guy sprinted past me, towards a giant bounce house, as another guy chased from behind. The objective was for him to make it inside the bounce house and avoid getting tackled by the person of the opposite team.
I remember having the hots for several of the guys in the fitness competition, so I walked inside my house and headed for the bathroom. The second I stepped inside my house, my body lifted effortlessly into the air. The tiles had come to life and grew arms, grabbing my ankles and elevated my body off the ground. I felt like I was crowd surfing as the tiles carried me to the bathroom door. They gently set me down and hundreds of arms started waving at me and dropped back into the ground. Haha it was so trippy
I walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I was so confused, because my hair was dripping wet for some unexplained reason. My hair began growing in front of my eyes and grew down to my shoulders. I started jumping up and down in excitement because I was totally rocking the new do. I spent some time trying to style my hair and give myself dreadlocks, but I failed. I found a pair of scissors and cut it back to normal.
I left the bathroom and walked into the lobby of the YMCA I attend back home. Two coaches ran up to me, frantically screaming for me to get ready for the second round of the fitness competition. I tried to tell them that I didn’t even participate in the bounce house round, but they ignored me. I had somehow placed and moved on without even competing in the first round. Haha
For the second round of the competition, I was required to team up with a partner of the opposite gender. The team that had the closest matching body fat percentage won. I looked around and saw fat people grouping together and started panicking, trying to find a thin girl to be my teammate.
I ran past the lobby desk and approached a huge, really wide staircase that went up for what seemed like forever. I started trekking up the massive staircase and found a secret room built into the wall. I looked up and realized there were several secret doors so I entered the first one. I made my way into the room and it was filled with attractive, college aged blonde girls.
The room was darkly lit, as the girls sat behind a circular bar all facing a massive bonfire with tiki decorations behind them. None of the girls noticed my presence, so I yelled to get their attention. I scanned the room and pointed at a girl who was drawing and chose her as my teammate.
Of course I chose the artsy one…lol
We left the room together and started walking back down the stairs to register as partners. She started pissing me off with stupid comments, so we went our separate ways. Just as a coach came running up to me, I ran into one of my best friends Anita, and we immediately teamed up.

Our fat body index was almost identical and we advanced to the final round. We were blindfolded...
When I took the blindfold off, I was with Anita and two other people in an empty room on the top floor of a tower. Like Rapunzel. There were no doors in the room and only one window. To escape, we shimmied down the side of the tower and landed on a beautiful terrain. The grass was plush green and soft like golf grass. There were huge beautiful trees, butterflies flying around us and the sun was warm on my skin. It kind of reminded me of the Queen of Heart's garden from Alice in Wonderland.
The only problem was that we were surrounded by huge, thick rose bushes. One of the guys found four sets of stilts leaning up against the side of the tower, so we harnessed the stilts onto our feet and simultaneously hurdled over the rose bushes. We had entered into a magical land. Anita and the two other people immediately ripped off their stilts and began running after ping pong balls, which were raining down from the sky. I took off my shirt and started collecting as many ping pong balls in it as I could.
In the distance, there was a beach with monster-like creatures playing water baseball. I walked up to the beach and it was people dressed up in different animal costumes playing baseball with the ping pong balls. I remember watching in amazement, because they were running on the water.
I looked down into the pile of ping pong balls filled in my shirt and watched as one of the balls morphed into my phone.  The phone started ringing and my friend Angel was on the other end, screaming at me. She was begging me to put on my tie dye shoes and meet her at Publix. I kept telling her I didn’t own a pair of tie dye shoes but she was so persistent, forcing me to go check my closet.

I magically poofed back to my bedroom and found three pairs of shoes with awesome tie dye designs in my closet. I grabbed the coolest looking pair and poofed myself to Publix.
Angel was standing on a stage, in the middle of the grocery store, singing karaoke. Her baby was backup dancing with a hula skirt on. I ran onto the stage hysterically laughing and ran up to hug her.
Than I woke up.


  1. Wow. That is one entertaining dream, haha!

  2. wow you remember all of that!? that really is vivid lol

  3. Hey man, came across your blog by accident. A good read. Hope we can be in touch.