Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Cute Blue-Eyed Gym Boy

During my freshman year of college, there happened to be this boy. This boy was openly gay and at the time I was in the closet. I envied him in every which way. He just looked so put together and I was so intrigued by him. I remember the first time I saw him ...ike it was yesterday.
My friends Matt, Tyler and I would all go the gym together. We were the trio. Not gunna lie, I had the best group of friends freshman year (before Greek life split us all up). Anyways, the three of us would hit the gym and meet up with the girls from our group around the same time. I wasn’t out to anybody at that time, so I had to follow Matt and Tyler’s lead when they started talking about girls.
Matt was the really horny one and Tyler was the charmer. Both as straight as an arrow and I love both of them. Sometimes I would wonder if they suspected my sexuality, since I never talked about girls and hardly ever added to the conversation when it was brought up.
I walked into the gym with Tyler and Matt and that’s when I saw him for the first time. He was lying down at the bench press and I was instantly mesmerized.

WHO IS THAT? I thought to myself.
He had killer looks and I really wanted to befriend him.
Having a crush on him and not being able to say anything to anyone, was like having invisible tape over my mouth. Matt and Tyler were busy analyzing girls ass’ on the elliptical machines, while I was star struck by the guy with the bright blue eyes.
I saw him at the school gym numerous times and I grew to love working out, in hopes I would see him there everyday. He looked so friendly, but I never built up the courage to say hi.
Well after he left my university, I found a much unexpected surprise while surfing YouTube. He’s a comedian! Could he be anymore perfect?
He has over 80,000 fans on his Facebook page. Comment after comment are (mostly) gay guys drooling over him hand telling him how ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’ he is.
I will always refer to him as the cute blue eyed gym boy.
Craigery Morgan was my first college crush. The crush I never said one word to...


  1. AHH! You went to school with Craigery Morgan?? That guy is definitely ridiculously hot. I've been following his YouTube channel for a while.

  2. Awe, I'm glad you found your crush again. Now you can see him again whenever you want just by going to Youtube :)

  3. seriously?!?!?! Craigery Morgan?!?!?! omg, i am so jealous right now! you met him before!

  4. I think you should send him a message on YouTube :-)

  5. SCaIRF: Yep, I used to see him on campus when I was heading in and out of classes but mainly saw him at the gym.

    the island guy: Hahaha so true. Any guy that can make me laugh can steal my heart.

    Caturont: Technically I never met him because we never talked to each other but it was so cool to see him around campus. He was great eye candy :)

  6. Well now is the time to say hello!

  7. ahh I went to high school with him!

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