Friday, December 23, 2011


I've wanted this tattoo for years! I never told my family about it because I thought they would judge me for getting one. None of my family members have tattoos, so I knew it was going to be 'different' for them. Since it was a tattoo in remembrance of my grandmother Rose, my parents were super cool about it...and because I didn't tell them how big I was getting it. haha As soon as I got home and walked in the door with the huge bandage, they freaked a bit.

Did it hurt? Yes. Anyone who says a rib tattoo doesn't hurt is a straight up liar. It's uncomfortable.

Luckily, it was really peaceful in the tattoo shop. My artist and I were the only ones in the shop for the entire duration of my session, so he played Jack Johnson and created a calm atmosphere for me.

The second he turned that needle on, I shut my eyes and told myself, if I couldn’t see it, it wouldn’t hurt as bad. I quickly realized it was a lot more painful to inhale while he was in the middle of tattooing me, because my stomach was pushing against the needle. Every time he stopped to wipe the ink/blood, I would breathe in as much air as possible and than exhale as he began tattooing again. I got into a good rhythm and it  helped reduce the pain significantly.

Different sections of the tattoo hurt at different levels. The cross and bottom of the stem didn't hurt at all, but certain areas of the ribs were extremely painful. The worst section was the very top of the rose, near my arm pit. Oh snap that hurt.

The first night I had such a restless sleep. I was waking up with intense shooting pains in different areas of my tattoo. That sucked, but fortunately each night got less and less painful, applying Aquaphor and Lubriderm generously. After a week or so, the pain was gone and I was able to shower and sleep with ease.

I'm so in love with it! I planned on getting it colored it, but I'm so mesmerized by how it looks like this. Maybe I will get it colored in eventually. Or maybe I'll do a watercolor affect. Or maybe I'll just get some simple shading to give it more of a 3D affect, I'm not really sure yet. Right now I'm just enjoying it, as is. I wanted it to be simple, yet elegant and he completely achieved what I had in mind. I miss you Nanny! <3 p=""> 


  1. AGD: When I read the title of your post, I thought of something else entirely. OK, I'll say it, I thought you gave up your anal virginity. LOL!

    Your tattoo is huge. I respect your desire to want to memorialize a loved family member but I'm a little sad that it takes away attention from your lean body.

  2. OUCH!! but I got to say anything looks good on that hot body man. nice. keep up with the posts and hope the tattoo heals up nice and easy. ha later.

  3. Hello AGD, do you still check your email? Please do, I sent you an urgent email.....

  4. Thanks everyone! :) I'll update y'all with a new picture once that baby gets colored in