Friday, December 30, 2011


I like to think of myself as an adventurous eater. I’m down to try anything once (unless it’s something weird like bison testicles or ostrich eyeballs).


I HATE vegetables.

Why do vegetables taste so gross? I need to start eating them but I want to gag when my dad puts a bowl of mushrooms or collard greens on the table for dinner (to name a few).

Luckily I do tolerate a few vegetables. Spinach, carrots, potatoes, corn and artichokes. Any other veggie is a no go…

If you’re a picky eater like myself, have no fear.

V8 Splash Berry Blend is AMAZING! I love it so much I started chugging a bottle down in two days. My mom stopped buying it because I was jacking up the food bill. The next time it goes BOGO at Publix I’m buying 8 of them.

Another good substitute for a veggie lacked diet is vitamins. I take Gummy Vites. I think they make them for little kids but whatever. They taste exactly like Harbo gummy bears. I have to force myself not to eat handfulls of them.

Ensure and Instant Breakfast are both good as well. I like Instant Breakfast a little better because it doesn’t have a chalky taste that Ensure has.

If I continuously incorporate these supplements, along with the three vegetables I am willing to add to my diet, I think I’m good to go.

95% of what I eat from now on is whole milk, bread, eggs, tea, yogurt, fruits, vegetables, protein shakes, rice, chicken, pasta, fish and peanut butter. Oh and did I mention Reece’s, Snickers, chocolate chip cookies, pizza, corn dogs, cookie crisp and Twinkies.

Eating properly is harder than I thought. It’s taken me about two years of living on my own to realize that but I do now. I function so much easier when I eat all my nutrients.

Fast food is so good but so bad for you. I get cravings for Chik-fil-A, Arby’s and Wendy’s all the time. Chik-fil-A’s peppermint milkshakes are way too good. I have dreams about them.

Not that I’m trying to watch my figure or anything. I’m dying to put on twenty pounds. Fast-food would be the easy way to obtain my goal but those foods are packed with chemicals and preservatives. I don’t want to reach my goal and have diabetes or a clogged artery on the side.

Okay, maybe that was a little extreme but you get what I'm saying. My parents RARELY let me eat junk food growing up for a reason.

The more I eat healthy foods, the more I'll start to enjoy them? Wishful thinking lol

I wish you all a healthy lifestyle as we start 2012!

I wish I was as enthusiastic about embracing and eating apples as she is...


  1. hahah was this directed towards me for my picky eating? ;) haha im slowly changing adding foods to my menu haha

  2. hahahah ^^^^ I was actually thinking that as soon as he said veggies lol. that and chick-fil-a!

    Good for you man inspired me to make some new years resolutions!

  3. AGD: My 10 year old niece likes to remind me that corn is not a vegetable (altho we often eat it like it is) but a grain so I excuse you for the confusion.

    I don't know how you can eat all that junk food and still have a lean body like you do. Twinkies? I prefer Ho-hos myself -- thick, black, filled with cream . . . ummm, what were we talking about again? Hah!

    My weakness is potato chips and ice cream. At least those are not on your diet list. I love fresh fruit too but they don't offset enough the unhealthy stuff I eat. Since you live in Florida, you have access to lots of exotic tropical fruits -- so be adventurous.

    And you didn't even mention your favorite sushi.

  4. HAHAHA socrkid...I'm glad to hear you added more to the menu besides chicken and cheez-itz! lol

    Thanks TB, I wish you the best of luck with your resolutions.

    Corn is a grain? I learn something new everyday. I've never tried ho-hos but the way you described them they sound like swiss rolls. Haha I dont know either, I guess I have a fast metabolism.
    Yeah fresh fruit is so delicious, especially pineapple.
    I lalalove sushi but it's too expensive for my wallet. I only get my sushi fix when I come home now.

  5. Another member of the fast-metabolism club here, but I count my blessings because I know it won't last forever. I've for some reason never had a problem with self control when it comes to eating. I've been into healthy eating for a couple years now. I used to be really picky when I was a kid, afraid to try new things (learned it from my mom, who's still like that). Thankfully I overcame it, but now I'm picky in another way because I only want to eat stuff that's fairly healthy. So, it still drives my parents crazy. I tried to tone it down over the holidays for their sake. I'll eat Burger King, KFC if I must. Most places have health(ier) options like grilled chicken, etc. McDonalds is where I draw the line out of principle, haha. And Chic-Fil-A . . . they're pretty tasty, but I try to avoid them because of their donations to anti-gay groups.