Friday, December 16, 2011

2012 New Year's Resolution

One thing that I am really realizing is just how much other people around me affect the things I think, do and say. The more I surround myself with positive, proactive people, the better I feel about myself. I feel like every person and friend was put into my life for a reason. They are here to teach me something about myself and vice versa, but honestly, some people aren't meant to stay in my life. I have a few friends that I need to distance myself from permanently. They aren't going anywhere in life. I guess it's just hard for me to let go of things...especially people. I want to help everyone and always be there for people, but I can only tolerate negativity to an extent. For instance, one person I know is always mean to me for no reason.

My friends keep telling me how much potential I have and I finally see that potential in myself. I have several changes to make and I am excited to tackle all of them. I have a long ways to go but I am so determined to become the man I know I was meant to become.

This is my New Year's Resolution

1. Stop hanging out with negative people
2. Go to bed by 11 p.m.
3. Eat healthy and gain 20 pounds
4. Work out five days a week
5. Pursue art seriously
6. Pray as much as possible and grow in my relationship with the Lord
7. Read the Bible. For first week read 25 verses, 35 versus following week
8. Listen to a confidence video everyday
9. Stop watching porn
10. Stop cursing
11. Be genuine to everyone. Be a great friend, brother and son to my friends and family.
12. Start networking and selling art
13. Stop trying to make everyone else happy
14. Open up to Mom and Dad more
15. Eat more fruits and vegetables and no more fast-food
16. Always tell the truth, no matter how hard it may be
17. Practice yoga twice a week
18. Make more genuine friendships with good people
19. Build self-confidence
20. Love myself

For the first time in my life I know what my priorities are.


  1. I think by taking stock in yourself you are making life changing decisions. I believe we are on earth to learn. We are here to better ourselves. You will always have to deal with negative people but you can choose who you hang around with and that is very important. Good luck on your resolution! Merry Christmas!!

  2. AGD: You certainly have some ambitious goals for next year. But that's a daunting list, perhaps you need to prioritize them -- some have definite end points while others are going to an accumulation of things. Take the 5 most important ones and focus on those. Then take the 5 easiest ones to do -- finish those to give you early confidence to accomplish the others.

    I agree that negative people probably are not a good influence on you and it's just kind of silly to be "friends" with people who are constantly mean/evil to you or you cannot trust. They aren't friends to begin with and you should not confer that status on them.

    But I'm going to disagree with you on cutting ties with the slackers -- if they are supportive friends to you, you shouldn't cut them off because they take too much effort or are inconvenient to you. Sometimes they need some positive influence in their lives to get their act together, and you can be that for them. Obviously improving them is secondary compared to improving yourself -- but if they are good people but just lack ambition/drive/direction, I think you should offer them support, not bail on them.

  3. These are all REALLY great resolutions. You've even given me ideas for some of mine. For me, your #20 is going to be my #1 resolution for 2012. I'm slowly accepting myself and I truly feel that 2012 will be a big year for me. I want you to know that you've inspired me to write my own blog. We'll see how it goes!