Sunday, November 20, 2011


Several of my friends have dabbled with shrooms but I have yet to experience a hallucinogen. Strictly pot for the last four years, but I am so curious what that experience is like! It’s not that I have a burning desire to try shrooms, but if I got offered to try them, I probably would if I was with the right people in the right environment. It really intrigues me how ingesting a fungi can alter your perception on life. How could it not?!

Some people refer to them as the ‘creative and spiritual portal’. Here's a few stories I've heard through friends/people...

  • My brother’s ex-girlfriend said she and her friends got chased out of a farm pasture for picking shrooms. The farmer was so used to teenagers and young adults trespassing onto his farm to pick shrooms off the cow manure, that he would run out onto the front porch with a shotgun to scare them away.
  • A dude I worked with said he had a spiritual epiphany and was on the ground, in tears of joy.
  • A family friend, who attends graduate school at my University, said some of her greatest memories are while tripping on mushrooms 
The best shroom conversation I ever had was with my Speech Professor last year. We had to give a five minute informational Speech on any topic, so I chose psilocybin mushrooms. The teacher was walking around the room to approve each student's topic and I got pretty nervous when she got to my desk. I handed her my rough draft and her face lit up!

She crouched down next to me and started whispering that she used to do LSD and shrooms when she was my age! “Between you and me, I had my fair share of mushroom experiences.” Once she walked back to her desk, after talking to each of us individually, she announces “I can’t wait until ‘my name’ presents his presentation!" Hahaha

The class probably thought I was a hardcore druggy. I got a 100% on that speech and incorporated my drawings throughout the PowerPoint!!

Would you guys ever do magic mushrooms? If not, why? If you have, how was your experience??!


  1. I suggest you do some research. Shrooms aren't a poison. If you look at the research long term impacts of there really isn't any except if your prone to schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders. The main negative effect would be psychological or you engage in dangerous behavior, which is why sitter are a good idea. Your argument that it is natural makes it better, I think is a poor one. Rattle snake poison and poison oak are all natural, but not so good for you. Also there is salvia which is a herbal hallucinogen that is still legal in most states.

  2. Personally, I hope you don't go forward with using shrooms to have some life changing experience. It sounds corny, but try to make your life experiences better naturally...

  3. This is all Greek to me. Yes, I'd try it
    ...if I knew & trusted the person offering me the chance
    ...if the person had personally tried this particular source, or stock
    ...if the person would try it with me
    ...if the person & I had a sitter

    If you decide to shroom, would you please tell us how it went?

  4. Anything that messes with the brain I'm wary of. I prefer to be in control of my actions. I wouldn't try shrooms, but I wouldn't judge those who did (as long as they did them safely). I'd be worried about it becoming a habit, though.
    Anonymous above is right . . . just because something is "natural" doesn't necessarily make it any better.

  5. AGD: Curiosity killed the cat -- be careful of what you wish for.

  6. I agree with Drew, B and Fan of Casey.

  7. I'm just confused to be honest. You are the perfect guy. You are good-looking, you have been through so much and you come out strong, you are health conscious, you know what you want in life, basically you are blessed. But this, I just don't get it. This might sound like a broken record, but how many people have been brought down because of drug use in history, haven't you heard enough? I know it brings you to places, but can I just ask what is it that you are escaping from? I know it inspires you in your arts and let me say you arts are fucking incredible. But do you really want you arts to be based on drug-induced inspirations for the rest of your life?
    When you said you would try if you were with the right people in the right crowd, clearly whoever offers you is in the wrong crowd and you're with the wrong people?

    I was there. I had the same desire to want to try it out if someone would offer it. Now to think back about it, no. Why dabble with things that would only keep you further and further away from reality when reality is so much more fun, boring, disappointing, exhilarating to live? It's the "I will be fine" that does it. I know people keep asking us to follow your heart, life is too short. But life could end up much shorter if you're not careful.

    I absolutely adore and respect you since the start of your blog, your views and thoughts, except this one, so I just hope that I have got my message across. I dont care if I sound like a fucking grandma or whatever. As long as it does help you to get away from any drug use.

  8. Hmmm.... Starting to worry about you AGD. Perhaps there are some things rattling around your sub-conscious that you are avoiding, and you are seeking a way to have a look from a *safe* distance.

    Its not like WE ALL dont have issues that are too much to address (especially me!), but this method of self-discovery is one to be kept in *just fantasizing* file. Some things are best not learned the hard way.

  9. Shrooms is the best drug I've ever taken. I recommend it. I did it with some trusted people in a trusted environment, around 10 of us tripped on it at the same time at a frat house. It was amazing! I would go in depth with anyone who wants to know more but its hard to type it all out using my iOS device.

    But highlights are: the colors, the slowness of time, the quickness of time, I ate leaves, it was during Autumn, I went from atheist to zealot to atheist in less than 30 seconds, my friend started drawing cats, my other friend listened to music, another one took a shower and couldn't stop laughing, I read Alice in Wonderland then I ripped it open, virtually all of us had an amazing, life-altering time except for one who did have a bad trip so it's possible, I was the happiest person alive, I felt connected to the ground, when I fell down purposely, I narrated every single moment of it, and by the end I was walking out to a hammock with a bowl of pasta when I sobered up and thought, "what the fuck am I doing out here?". So I came back inside and we shared everything we did, and how incredibly fond we were we did it. And I've never done it again.

    So, I say do it, enjoy the hell out of it, and fall down purposely and see how amazing it is to narrate your life in slow motion.

    Advice: have a sober person to take care of you. Be sure to trust your source.

  10. Thanks for all the comments! I knew this post was going to turn heads and spark controversy. From a group consensus it's obvious you guys wouldn't advise me trying shrooms.

    I am going to take y'alls advice and never try them. I already have too many great people and things in my life to mess anything up. Thanks guys :)

    1. Google "terence mckenna" and listen to some of his lectures. Shrooms have been part of our history for thousands of years. Some even believe they were responsible for the sudden increase in the human brain size. Its funny how so many people are afraid of somthing that can be so benifical. You may want to look at Ayahuasca too there is a great video called "stepping into the fire" at u should watch. It might help also a book called "fishers of men" by adam elenbas

  11. I think that's a wise decision, AGD :-)

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