Sunday, September 4, 2011

Inspiration for my First Tattoo

For some reason I always do self-reflecting while showering, but this time I was having flashbacks of my grandmother. My Nanny and Pop were always there for me and my siblings growing up. Nanny and Pop we’re the coolest grandparents ever! My Pop could fix anything and spent every waking second outside getting his hands dirty. My Nanny was a bad ass cook and had the most gentle soul! She could cook an Italian dinner like no other. These traditions are some of my favorite memories, like making homemade manicotti and pizzelles as a family for Christmas.

My grandparents would have my brother, sister and I over for sleepovers and then take us to our favorite diner, Mr. Deli’s, for breakfast. They would dance with us in the living room, play cards, (and usually let us win), taught us how to play bocce ball and were always full of life and happiness. Nanny and Pop always emphasized the importance of family and having a good time.

The day before Nanny passed away, my family and I went to visit her in hospice. I remember her room had Christmas decorations that my dad and I put up for her. She was just lying there in the bed and I could barely contain myself from crying. She was frail and lifeless. I knew in my heart that she was on her way to Heaven, sooner than I had wanted though.

Ironically, that same day, I finished a ring I made in my jewelry class. I had it in my backpack and I wanted to give it to Nanny. I took the ring out and I excitedly told her how I made it for her. I saw a faint smile on her face, as she took the ring from me and put it on her finger. She wore it all afternoon as my family members came in and out of her room to say their final goodbyes. I slid the ring off Nanny’s finger once I left that day. The following day she passed away on December 11, 2007. That ring holds more sentimental value to me than any other object I have. It is now hung on a chain on my rear view mirror in my car. I know she's always watching over me.

So after a lot of thinking and reevaluating, I made up my mind. Over Winter Break, I’m getting my first tattoo in commemoration of my Nanny. She has made such a remarkable impact on my life.

“May your guardian angel watch over you”. -Nanny


  1. We are all so fortunate to have special people in our lives. It is great that you making such a nice tribute to her!!

  2. I can totally relate to how you feel about your grandmother. I was very close to my grandmother and a year to the day after she passed i got a angel tattoo on my back with her birth and death under it. People ask why i put it on my back where no one can see it and i tell them its not for everybody its just for me and my grandmother.

  3. I love this idea mainly because 1. I love my grandma and I know she watches over me, her rosary is in my car (use to hang until my friend broke one bead, yes I was mad) but its still in my car so I know she's with me. And 2. I love tat's with meaning. I have one on my side as well, it says live life in another language. It's a constant reminder for me to not overthink things.

    I hope to get a 2nd one soon, the davinci compass with the quote "to thine own self be true"

  4. thats awesome man. if i got a tat, it would have to be meaningful like this. thats a great way to show love and have your grandma part of you forever

  5. Thanks guys, glad you guys think it's a cool idea! I'm nervous because people say getting a tat on the ribs is really painful but it'll be totally worth it.

  6. I got my tat on my ribs and it honestly wasn't that bad but then again I also healed quickly so maybe I'm just super human? lol no really its not that bad, you'll be fine, bring gum to chew

  7. Don't do the tattoo. There are lots better ways to honor your grandmother than by defacing your natural skin. I can guarantee that your grandmother would prefer that you NOT get tattooed, whether for her or any other reason.