Friday, September 16, 2011


It was all too familiar. I sat in the seat and prepared myself for round two. There were three other people in the waiting room as I felt my heart beating through my chest. I fumbled for my phone in my backpack and text Angel, who ironically also happened to be in a waiting room. I was counting down the seconds until my new counselor Noelle walked into the room, called my name and introduced herself.

We headed into the back and she led me into one of the rooms. We first touched upon my previous counseling experiences with Lauren. Then I gave her a quick overview of myself. Afterwards, she asked me what I think we could do to build my self-confidence up more. I told her I still feel kind of alone, because I don’t have any gay friends to hang out with.

So get this. She told me that she started an LGBT group within the counseling center and invited me to join the next meeting. I have no idea who else is in the group and this is totally out of my comfort zone by a long shot, but I agreed and I'm going! Of course, I'm nervous as hell but life is about taking risks and being courageous. I know it's time for me to start meeting other gay people.

I’ll let you guys know how it goes. Hopefully there’s some hotties in the group! ;)

“College was a huge time for me to grow and try out new things. I mean, I guess I really started to embrace - by that point- being an individual.” -Dominic Monaghan


  1. Can I ask why do you want to meet other gay people? It seems like when people are getting comfortable with their same-sex attractions they want to meet other people like them. I guess I felt like that for awhile too, but later I just ended up being my own person and doing my own thing. I judge people as a whole and then decide if I want to be around them or not.

  2. AGD: You should temper your expectations. I can see why you want to connect with other LGBT people because of the common link, but this counseling group is not your personal dating wading pool. You will find like in the S8 world, there are nice guys, weird ones, and not so nice. And just because you are all gay won't make you automatically BFFs. Your personality and theirs still have to mesh.

    That said, this is good opportunity to see what's out there to satisfy your curiosity about what you may be missing.

  3. I think it is great to at least give it a go I think it might give you someone to talk to at least. I do think we might believe because they are gay their will be an instant connection which I think is wrong. We are still individuals.. Good luck!!

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  5. Give the LGBT group a try! You will hear a lot of interesting stories from the others and gain new perspectives.

  6. I'm sure that you'll be fine! Can't wait to hear about it, whatever happens.

  7. Hurray! you'll probably meet so many different people there just like in the A-list on Logotv haha