Wednesday, September 7, 2011


My friend Rachel threw a birthday party for herself on Friday night. Since she lives on campus, three of her other friends offered to have the party at their apartment. Two of the people who live at the apartment are girls and the third person is an openly gay guy. There were quite a few gay guys there, which was awesome, but none were my type. I didn’t know anyone at this party and didn’t want to be rude and invite other people (which I regret not doing) so I went alone.

Anyways, my roommates were smoking and drinking before going to another party, so I pregammed with them and took two shots of Bacardi and a couple blunt rips.

I got to the apartment and I was definitely feeling good. I open the door and the place was packed but I saw a familiar face. A girl from my Drawing I class from last year who is also in my Drawing II class this semester. I got excited and we naturally started chatting things up. She mistook my friendliness for flirting though. She is a really cool and funny chick, so I was just drawn to talking to her.

All of a sudden her twin sister comes out of nowhere and holds up her phone, “smile guys!”

Thankfully I didn’t have to marinate in the awkwardness for long.

Rachel to the rescue.

She was drunk and wanted to do shots, so I excused myself and went to the kitchen with her. We did birthday shots and then she poured us drinks. My phone started ringing so I grabbed my drink and went outside. I was tipsy at that point and I poured part of my drink over my pants. Only me…So I ran to my car and started patting my crouch with napkins from my glove compartment. I remember blasting Party Rock Anthem in my car, chugging the rest of my drink and calling friends from back home.

After my pants were dry, I went back into the party and saw a bunch of people getting ready to play ring of fire (a drinking game with cards) so I walked out back to participate and the girl followed. We talked for a bit longer, until she went back inside with her twin sister.

Then her roommate puts me on the spot. She asks me in front of everyone, if I like the girl. I said I thought she was a cool girl and that's all.

Then a random kid playing ring of fire interrupts and goes “I don’t mean to sound rude but don’t be a bitch, just say yes or no.

I was drunk. I said I liked her. The girl’s roommate smiled and told me that she'll put in a good word for me. I start panicking and went back inside to find Rachel. I finally find her, grab her and we start walking outside.

As we’re heading towards the front door, the girls roommate grabs me by the wrist and goes “are you two going out there to hook up??!” THAT BITCH IS CRAZY. I told her to relax and that we were going outside to talk about something. Then she goes “oh ok, because the only person you should be hooking up with tonight is my roommate.”

Rachel and I we’re too drunk to actually have a serious conversation and we ended up just laughing over the fact that none of these girls knew I like dick.

Rachel to me I need to just tell the girl I am gay to stop leading her on. Which I totally didn’t mean to do in the first place. I have to deal with this sort of thing at the majority of the parties I go to. We went back inside but the girl, her sister and the roommate had left the party. I felt relieved, but I really enjoyed hanging out with the girl for the night. Things just get weird when you have to drag your sister and roommate into the situation. After that I called it a night and left around 1:30.

I had class with the girl today. Things weren’t awkward but we didn’t talk much. I didn’t have a long enough opportunity to come out to her, but when the chance comes, I will.


  1. hahaha happens all the time but i never plan on tellin them. kind of just keep leadin them on then hopefully they just stop at some point lol

  2. It gets so annoying after awhile. Like I want to be nice and all but I don't want to deal with the stupid drama. Girls chasing after gay guys, gotta love it. Spaeaking of which, what ever happened to the chick you used to do homework with who was all over your d? lol

  3. hahahahahaha she is in my class and doesnt make eye contact with me and when we do, she just turns her head lolol its whatev haha

  4. You don't make it easier for them by telling everyone you like them.

  5. AGD: You are too nice -- you need to learn to say "No" more often.

  6. This has to be the funniest thing I have read in awhile.

    I hope the girl won't mind a gay guy flirting with her by accident.