Saturday, July 16, 2011

Working at Tropical Smoothie

Every single person I work with is so incredibly cool. We all go out together after work and goof off the entire time. Ok, maybe not the entire time, because we get our shit done, but if you could only see what goes on behind the scenes. We blast music, dance, do karaoke, draw all over the dry erase board, eat and talk about our nights. It's a very relaxing work environment.

Christian was homeless and dropped out of high school after his mom chose his stepdad over him and he usually has to walk home from work because his mom won't. I was shocked when he told me this because he is the nicest, down to Earth guy. He sings along to every song that the XM Radio plays.  Recently, he had to take a week off of work after getting sent to the hospital, after his stepdad beat him.

Lindsay aka Li Li is a crazzzzzy party girl. She comes in with the most insane stories. She is the most open person when it comes to talking about sex. She has no shame in her game and loves to verbalize her hook ups. Her 4th of July weekend in Las Vegas which ended in a threesome, knocked all of her other stories out of the ball park.

Ashley aka Ghetto is by far the funniest. She is very go with the flow and says EVERYTHING that is on her mind. We call her Ghetto because she just is. haha I love working with her.

Maria aka Mari is such a sweetheart. She's quiet, but when she speaks she is hilarious. The two of us bonded immediately after realizing she attends the high school I graduated from and we had a few of the same teachers. We pick on each other but I love the girl.

Stuart aka Stewie is the smart, more reserved one. Like really smart, he goes to Duke. He is the definition of a nice guy. He will go out of his way to help people. And has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. One day at work he came up to me and asked to see my abs ;) Sooo I flexed the shit out of my stomach and lifted up my shirt haha I would hook up with him in a second.

Evan is a macho dude in the marines, but suffers from short man syndrome. Sometimes I get the big ego vibe from him, but I am the least threatening person. I really don’t have a competitive bone in my body, so he’s cool around me.

Ana Maria aka Brown is my favorite! She's like a little sister to me. The two of us are so funny together. She makes the schedules and ALWAYS schedules us together. She was the first person at work I came out to. We were peeling bananas and I just slipped it out. She freaked out (in a good way) and now when a hottie walks in, we run to each other. lolol

Ana aka Culo has a good head on her shoulders. She's in a long distant relationship with her boyfriend who lives in Panama, who is ridiculously attractive. She absolutely loves talking to me about guys. She is the most interested in asking me questions and knowing what its like to be gay. She was the second person I told. I came out to her in a game of hangman, on the dry erase board at work. haha

Andrea is the newest to work with us. She is the most chill and laid back girl I have ever met. Her personality is always as cool as a cucumber. She’s great to get advice from, especially because SHES GAY TOO! She came out to me and a week later she, Brown and I were chilling in her hippie van and I came out to her. Shes my first lesbian friend! She was the third person I came out to at work and that’s all so far.

Mari, myself, Brown and Culo
We were all scheduled to work on Flip Flop Day (a day where you get a free smoothie if you come in wearing flip flops) and I forgot I was at work. The customers probably thought we were throwing a party in the back because we we’re laughing the entire time. Doin' the Bernie dance! We are all so different from each other, but we get along like we’ve been best friends since kindergarten. It’s not even work to me, it’s like going to see my fam.


  1. sounds awesome bud! glad your havin fun

  2. AGD: Can you flex your abs for us? We would love to see them close up.

    And when do you get to suit up for the banana? Oh, that sounds naughty.

  3. I really love the people I work with too. Definitely makes the work day go faster.