Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Went to the LGBT Center on Campus Today!

I am very proud of myself! Today was a super productive day for me. Rewind to 8:30 this morning when my alarm snapped me back to reality. I woke up and did an hour of yoga. I don’t know what it is about yoga, but I feel so refreshed afterwards. It’s like a boost of energy kicks in. I started doing yoga about a month ago with Michelle and since then, I have seen improvement in my flexibility.

Today was the first day I did something I have been aching to do for months now. I had a very important appointment at 10:00 this morning with someone I have never met. I went to the LGBT center at my school!! I paced back and forth standing outside the center until I sucked it up and walked through the doors, I have previously walked past 100’s of times. I was greeted by a receptionist, who guided me into the director's office.

My thoughts were scaring the shit out of me by this point. What is he going to be like? What is he going to think of me? What are we going to talk about? The usual haha

I walked in and the receptionist closed the door behind me. There stood before me was just a normal(slightly feminine) looking dude. Right then and there my anxiety level went down a notch. We sat down at a circular table off in the corner of the room and he could probably tell I was REALLY NERVOUS. I think I even told him I was haha He was super cool and nice about everything though. He started informing me about the LGBT Center and everything it contributes to campus, providing a safe place for students to come to. He gave me some flyers and broachers containing information about future events associated with the center and the members. We exchanged snippets of our life stories and before I knew it, the hour had already passed.

From the LGBT Center, I ran back to my room, ate lunch and got changed. I met up with friends and we went to spin class. It was the first time I had ever tried it, but I liked it a lot more than I was expecting. My favorite part about spin is that it’s super-fast paced, the music is pumping and the instructor Susan is so damn funny!

Once spin class ended, I booked it to the counseling center to meet up with my counselor Lauren. She's becoming one of my favorite human beings. Today we talked a lot about how I mind read people. It's never easy to admit a flaw you have, but I absolutely do it. Mind reading is when you walk away from someone or a group of people and you worry you said something wrong, that they might not like you and you become self-conscious. I mostly do this when I meet new people.

After counseling I got back to my room and worked out for an hour with my perfect pushup. I called Angel, my bestie from back home and we talked for a while. Than that evening I went out to the movies with friends and we saw Just Go with It and I freaking loved it. The movie was so funny. Go see it!

Oh and right before I left the LGBT Center, he gave me a shirt! I'm giving it to my friend Michelle because she's always wanted one!



  1. I would think that you would keep the shirt as it would be sorta a milestone for you.

    And the shirt got attitude yo. LOLZ.

    But anyway, glad that you have come such a long way man.

  2. Good work dude, well done. Life's short so sometimes you just gotta stop thinking and start doing, as hard as it is. I also tend to worry a lot about what people think of me but at the end of the day you just gotta think that if you're being yourself and they don't like you then they're not worth the effort - there will always be others who do like you (like all of us!)

    And I agree about the yoga. Nothing beats the feeling of a good headstand! I spent 2 weeks doing intensive yoga in India last year (4 hours a day) - would definitely recommend it!

  3. AGD: All that working out is paying off. Look at you, you're huge!

    I'm sure the LGBT center will have something useful for you to do, and hopefully you get benefits out of participating in their programs.

  4. Damn, I wish my school had an LGBTQ center.


  5. Congratulations.

    May I ask your opinion of the "Perfect Pushup?" I've been thinking about buying a pair.
    A friend at Carnegie-Mellon in Pittsburgh swears by them.

    An hour sounds like a hell of a lot of pushups!


    Enjoy....... :) !