Sunday, January 16, 2011

The People's Choice: Question #4

Q: What kind of boyfriend would you like and what would you want out of a relationship?

A: I want a man who encourages me to become the strongest version of myself. I want a relationship to add extra warmth and happiness to my life. I want someone who's independent, who will push me to succeed and celebrate my victories along the way. Someone who the two of us can grow off each other without much effort.

I want someone who I can workout with, go on spontaneous adventures with, cook with, seek advice from, pray with, laugh with and learn from.

I want a boyfriend who is attractive, intelligent, patient, financially stable and genuine, who's able to get along with my friends and family and vice versa. Someone who I am physically, mentally and emotionally attracted to. A confident alpha male, yet sensitive and caring.

And he must loves animals!

Thanks for the question Cash and thank you to everyone who sent questions to make this fun, little series possible! I enjoyed answering them!


  1. AGD: That's quite a tall order and an extensive laundry list so you must have been thinking about the requirements a lot. He is out there, but finding him and him finding you at just the right time and place is going to be the challenge.

    I counted perhaps 16 requirements, and I meet 7, maybe 8 of them (I'm giving myself credit for the Husky even though I'd prefer a bull terrier) - which is only 50% so I'd "fail" the entry requirements. :-(

  2. I love you and ur don't mind when if I say something that doesn't settle well with you! Just an honest opinion!

    Imo....there is no such thing as Mr. Right. It's always Mr. Almost if you abide extremely strictly to ur list chances of landing someone are very narrow!

    Be open to dating all may stumble across something u would like!

    I'll close with a quote I read somewhere...can't remember the whole thing right it went something like this;

    "We waste our times looking for the perfect lover, when we should be searching for the perfect love!"

    Take care, AGD!

  3. homie knows what he wants! haha but very solid list

  4. I think you forgot "enjoys long walks on the beach" in your list of trite clichés about romance.

  5. Let me preface by saying, I TRULY hope you find what you are looking for -- I really do.
    But gay and Christian and living together just doesn't work in the world in which we live. I so wish it did.
    I'm a Christian (and a rather radical one at that -- very conservative) and also gay (but completely closeted -- only my mother and sister, a couple psychologists, and one total stranger know about this... other people's speculations I know nothing about), and its a very tough road. Trust me. I'm 41, and was born-again at about age 4... around the same time that I realized how very different I was from all the other kids. Just didn't have a word for it at that age; I found out soon enough: gay.
    I did not choose to be gay, others' sin did that for me. But I did choose to be born-again. But one of the two must take precedence. You can either be Christian and keep your gayness in check by not acting-out on it, or live as a gay person with all that entails and leave the Christianity behind. Ya gotta pick one. I so wish ya didn't.
    My life has been a recipe for how-to-be-miserable, and I'm essentially a recluse at this time; but I know the destination of my soul. I have kept my homosexual sins to a minimum and have not sinned against my body. (But, Oh! how I want to...)
    Happiness is overrated. If you gain the world, but have not your soul...
    I'm certainly no mentor, but if you really want to discuss this stuff I'll risk exposure and give you my email. But only if you really want it. If you do, just say so in a reply and I will.
    May the Lord bless you and keep you. Fight the good fight.

  6. The above Anonymous-guy again. I'd have put a name, but I'd have to figure out how first, so feh.

    I see you like steamy vampire-dude Cam Gigandet. I prefer sweet-and-cute Hugh Dancy, or dreamy Matt Bomer. But I'm old. -shrugs-


  7. OK, I made a new email account -just-in-case- anyone wishes to talk or discuss anything beyond the scope of AGD's very cool blog.

    I have no intention of hijacking this blog. But AGD gets quite a few comments from people who may want/need further talkification. So, here I am.

  8. don't let them bring you down hahahaha i am very religious. my father is a minister and grew up in church, and i am very open and out. I would love a husky, but i would rather have a chow :). and so many of your requirements fit me perfectly hahaha, just to bad i'm in North Carolina. But keep lookin around, there is someone out there for everyone :D