Thursday, January 13, 2011

The People's Choice: Question #3

Q: How about a list of your favorites (anything) or about any men you have in mind right now.

Favorite Singer-John Mayer
Favorite Food-Sushi
Favorite Color-Aqua
Favorite T.V. Show-Modern Family
Favorite Number- One
Favorite Actor- Steve Carell
Sexiest Actor- Cam Gigandet ;)
Favorite Actress- Emma Stone
Favorite Comedian- Gabriel Inglesias
Favorite Superhero-Flash
Favorite Villain- Poison Ivy
Favorite Movie- Superbad
Favorite Cartoon Show-Rocket Power or Scooby Doo
Favorite Candy-Snickers or Reese's
Favorite Drink- Apple Cinnamon Chia Tea
Favorite Shoes- Nikes
Favorite Things To Do- Art, Exercising
Favorite Cartoon Character- Yoshi
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant- Chikfila
Favorite Video Game- Mario Party and WOW
Favorite Cartoon Movie- Finding Nemo
Favorite Animal- Husky
Favorite Holiday- Christmas
Favorite Website-Blogger, duh. Followed by Facebook and YouTube

I do have a few crushes. Mostly just cute guys in my classes.

Thanks for the question headhunter!!

I'll be answering one more question for this series! Stay tuned :)


  1. AGD: I agree, sushi is delicious. You need to post a pict of your holiday sushi platter.

    Why do you shy away from cute guys? You don't want to tempt yourself from forbidden fruit (in this case, forbidden sausage)?

  2. Precisely! I always shy away from guys I am attracted to because I dont want to delve into any temptations. I would have to be extremely cautious about not flirting with them.
    I have a fear of befriending a guy I am attracted to and sliping up and revieling my sexuality to him and then he going off and telling other people.
    I have the personality where if I see something I want, I will go through leaps and boundaries to obtain it. I do not want to set my eyes on forbidden fruit and the guy be straight.

  3. AGD: OK so if you know the guy is available (gay or bi), then it would be OK to approach and flirt? How would you ever know? The obvious flamboyant gay ones probably aren't what you go for (look at the blog name), so the rest are not going to advertise "gay" on their foreheads, so how will you know? The point is you won't know, so you have to put yourself out there a little, dangle some bait (figuratively speaking of course). And so what if you advertise to the wrong crowd? 20 people already know, so go out there and flirt a little. Wiggle your nice ass and winning smile. :-)

  4. Yes if I knew the guy was bi/gay himself then I would approach him....maybe lol But I have only encountered one good looking guy like that in my lifetime and I didn't make a move.
    Once again, you're wisdom outdoes my stubborness. I wont know. I hope to beable to be more confident to approach good looking guys in the near future. If their straight, I made a friend...if their not, I might make more than a friend. It's a win-win but I need to break this fear asap!