Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The People's Choice: Question #2

Q: How do you know whether you want a platonic or sexual relationship with another man?

A: Good question. 99% of my relationships have only ever been platonic. For me to want a sexual relationship with another man, I would need to be physically attracted to him, especially if we're referring to a hookup or a one-night stand.

But the qualities I'm looking for in a guy, that I would want to have a long-term, sexual relationship with, would be:
  • a sense of humor
  • a heart
  • spiritual
  • intelligence
  • driven towards his goals and aspirations
  • similar ideologies 
  • a sense of adventure
  • physical appearance, being fit and healthy
  • stability
I am still a virgin, so losing it is a pretty big deal to me.
Thanks for the question!


  1. Feel like that myself sometimes haha I mean the picture.


  2. LOL @ the image

    Getting into a relationship is always a risky gotta know urslf wen it's the right time to start getting into the covers together!

    I do like ur 'take' on virginity...i think ur the only one besides me who's ever planned!

  3. AGD: Dan Savage, the sex columnist, asserts that you have a number of "virginities" to lose - making out virginity, HJ virginity, BJ virginity, anal virginity, etc. -- are you saying you want to stay totally platonic until you find the right guy? Or are you willing to play a little baseball - let him get to 2nd base? You won't totally know if you are sexually compatible until you "test drive" your guy, so perhaps finding a mentor who can teach you some things would be a route to consider. You always get advice from your friends, such as Socrkid. :-)

  4. socrkid-haha you know it! Steve Correll is the man!

    Juan-Chances are we all do! I better not be a 40 year old virgin though or else something is seriously wrong! lmao

    Phunk Factor- For sure! Dating just sounds so scary to me. Pretty much the bottom line is I never thought I was attractive frowing up. For someone to want to date me is going to take ALOT of time for me to get used to.
    I have been planning my virginity since atleast 13! I have always invisioned myself loosing it to someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. I would love to say I have only had sex with my spouse.

    fan of casey- I do not agree with this Dan Savage guy at all. I don't think making out is a virginity. However, if they are, thats the only one I have given up.
    I do not want to stay totally platonic until I find the right man. Of course I will kiss and all that.
    Not sure about the other virginities(HJ and BJ) b/c I have never done that before but I don't really consider those virginities either.
    Anal sex is definitly a virginity though. That's for sure not happening for a while.
    Haha we shall see what happens :)

  5. ... Have you ever kissed a boy before?

    Put yourself out there! You're cute!

  6. Yeah I've kissed two girls and one guy
    Thanks lol :)