Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Parent’s Coming Out Experience

Two weeks ago my dad told one of his really close friends about my sexuality. Tom is a really nice southern guy who dedicates his time to helping less fortunate people through their church. It was a family decision (with permission from myself) that my dad would tell him. Tom was extremely proud of me, as well as my family, for being so supportive. He also told my dad that he and his wife thought their son was gay too. Ha

A couple nights ago my parents went on a dinner date with another church couple. They are one of the funniest couples I have ever met, both FSU grads. My parents told them as well and they said the response could not have been better. I got especially excited about this, because both of them are ordained ministers! Getting more and more acceptance from faithful people is a great feeling. Then the wife tells my parent’s that they think their daughter is a lesbian, who is also around my age. What is it with all these parents thinking they have gay children…Haha

My dad gets his hair cut by a gay hair stylist named Ken, who he befriended years ago. Long before my parents knew I was gay, Ken and my dad would talk about the gay community, because my dad was always interested in learning more about it. Well, my dad was scheduled for a haircut this past week and he came out to Ken about me.

My dad said Ken had to stop what he was doing and started crying. He was so emotional because I have something that Ken never had…acceptance from my parents. Ken is in his early sixties and his mother, now in her eighties, still won’t accept his sexuality. Ken said he was sent to a psychiatrist to be fixed and a mental facility in order to become straight. It didn’t work, obviously. Unfortunately, Ken’s husband passed away, so my parents are planning on having him over for dinner one night when I'm home so I can meet him.

Apart from physically coming out to friends, my parents have been doing other things to come out. They went to Wilton Manors to support the local gay owned restaurants and shops. They stopped for lunch at a small café owned and operated by two lesbians. After lunch they went to Gelati Martini Lounge, a place that serves gelato ice cream infused in a martini. They met the owner of the shop, also gay, and said there is only one other shop like his in the entire country. Afterwards, they went to a small wine and tapas place.

My parents said the place was PACKED and when they asked why, they found out the entire gay men’s choir was there doing a wine tasting. So my parents started talking to the members and had a good old time.

After they left the wine place, they stopped at a shop called To The Moon, which is a candy shop that has every candy you could ever imagine, from every decade and country. They started talking to the owner of this shop (a bi-sexual man) and he was so engaging that they hung out with him in the candy store for 15 minutes before leaving.

Than the other day, their friends invited them to a live play that centers around wo gay guys and their search for spirituality. They loved it.

I am so proud of them!


  1. That's so awesome! It's really a blessing to have parents like yours.

  2. You are a very lucky guy. Your parents seem amazing its awesome that not only are they accepting your sexuality but embracing it.

  3. AGD: You have amazing parents. And they aren't the only ones who are kickass -- you are pretty special yourself. It's like this was meant to happen. Maybe your mom was right, God was preparing them all this time to have a gay son.

  4. Ur parents are totally awesome!! Next thanksgiving...u kno something big u hav to be really thankful for!

  5. Lol your parents are hilarious! I thought mine were pretty accepting but yours are definitely going the extra mile and then some! And I love how everyone is suspecting their kids are gay - it's obviously the in thing at the moment :-)

  6. they not only accept you but want to be a part of your life as you evolve in the gay world. You have to be very proud of them. What a blessing!

  7. dude this is really awesome to read about. I'm glad to know there are accepting christians out there. I'd love to talk to you about all this one time if you ever get the time. I even got a pretty cool story to share, something I might blog about. But dude congrats!

  8. at first it seems that where you live almost everyone is gay!
    seriously though, its so lovely to read this, and your parents reaching out to the gay community in your town! ultimately, because of you coming out to them!

    How lucky! we would love to have them as parents too!

  9. I love your parents man. I hope someday when I come out to my mom and eventually family that they will be accepting as yours. It's kinda funny that your dad's barber's name is Ken and he also happens to be gay, lol. Ken + gay, def. reminded me of Barbie for some reason.

    On the side note, your blog posts have shown so much growth man. I'm in the process of still catching up on everything as I am a new blogger, but I'm getting there. Keep up the good work.

    ps. I just started my blog so it would be cool if you could visit it. I don't really have any followers so it's kinda lonely. Sorry if that seems like an advertisement.

    Take care.


  10. I love all you're guys' commments. It's so cool to see my parents back me up and stand behind me on something I stressed over SO much thinking that they might not. My parents are the bomb!

  11. Just read your post. Ok. I gotta say i "hate" you !!! I just wish that my parents would be lile yours. Then i wont hav any prob to come out to them. Btw, im not out yet. Lastly, your parents ROCKS !!!