Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas 2010

Happy Holidays everyone!

Christmas Eve

The Food
Spicy conch fritters and California figs stuffed with honey goat cheese wrapped with prosciutto de Parma

Cod yellow tail snapper and scallop ceviche

Teriyaki monk fish medallions and shrimp cocktail

Wild Mahi-Mahi with pineapple mango salsa served with Israeli couscous

Grilled Portobello mushroom stacks with wilted spinach and shaved manchego cheese with sherry vinaigrette

Grilled Alaskan Salmon with orzo salad


  1. my god i wish i had a family that appreciated well done seafood and gourmet food like this! I made pate de canard en croute over break and it took me seven hours of work and my parents said "meh". sucked. looks like a phenomenal meal though, super jealous.

  2. AGD: I know you already have an older brother but can you adopt me? I promise I'm gay-friendly -- and I have useful skills, I can help you with financial planning and taxes. :-)

    PS: Where's the sushi?

  3. Lotsa lotsa lotsa seafood....generally u don't see seafood at Christmas...ppl prefer the roasted chicken, baked potatoes etc etc....or am i confusing christmas with thanks giving? :p all seems so cool!

  4. Looks like a great xmas man! Im so happy that things went well during your break. How's semester going thus far? I'm also jealous about that seafood. Come on if u post pics u gotta share. You promise us all a dinner now!


  5. You look so cute in your little Christmas hat! haha

  6. It looks like you have an awesome family! Hope you had a great holiday.

  7. Max-No way! How on Earth can anyone not like stuffed duck. I've personally never had it but it sounds and looks AMAZING! I saw it in the movie Julie and Juliet and ever since then I want to try it. Next time have you're parents slay over the kitchen for 7 hours and I'm sure they will apprecaite it much more! Just keep cooking good food and you're family will have to eventually come around!

    fan of casey-hahaha. We didn't go for sushi this year. I know, it was quite depressing when I got the news. :( There seemed to be enough food already on the menu so sushi will have to wait to till next year

    Phunk Factor- No your right, Christmas dinner is probably like that but my family does The Seven Fishes. It's an Italian thing. Super delicious though :)

    BDNY- Thanks! Spring semester is great so far. I got really cool teachers for all my classes. I left the fraternity because of financial issues and I plan on joining a few clubs on campus to get active and meet people with similar interests. Haha I'll have to tell my dad to start making an invitation list

    Konrad- Haha thanks bud! $1 elf hat from the dollar store. Whadddup!

    SFC- I do, my family is a fun group to be around. Thanks! My holiday was fantastic, hope yours was as well

  8. OMG The salmon ... *dribble drool*