Monday, December 6, 2010


Lets take a journey back to my Summer semester of college last year. I was fresh out of High School and I was so eager to leave my house. I was a studious student who did fairly well in school and stayed away from the party scene. Once I entered college I wanted to go crazy. I never drank and figured college was my time to live it up. I began meeting people who were pretty much like myself, but slightly more extroverted. We liked to have fun but we were also serious about our grades and school work. 'Responsible Partiers' I liked to call it. There aren't classes on Fridays over Summer, which basically meant we had a three day weekend. It was a magical six weeks for me. If you're considering taking Summer B classes as a Freshman, I HIGHLY recommend it, because you'll already have an entire group of friends going into Fall.

My friends and I would start pre-gaming in the dorms and then go out to parties and get so drunk. The problem is, I didn't have a stopping point. If there was alcohol in sight, I drank it. Bad, I know. This went down every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night for about five weeks. I was introduced to beer pong, flip cup, asshole, ring of fire, quarters, beer funnels, shot gunning, keg stands and power hour. I'm sorry liver.

I guess my favorite part about my group of friends was that we all watched out for each other, yet did our own thing too. We would get to the parties together, venture off and meet new people, reconnect throughout the night and than regroup when it was time to leave and evaluate to see who was the most drunk. Drunk people helping drunk-er people is hysterical by the way. I will forever cherish those car rides back to the dorms with a car packed full of laughter and craziness. We drove home drunk several times when we shouldn't have been and that was extremely stupid and irresponsible of us.

A year and a half later, I decided to tame the animal within me. I have not consumed alcohol for about six months now. I feel a lot healthier and not having to deal with hangovers is always a plus. I know drinking isn't good for you, but I have the BIGGEST urges to still get drunk from time to time. But now that I'm in a new dorm building, where we each have our room with a shared common area/kitchen, I've been toking up in my room more often with my friend Michelle.

Christmas Break is fast approaching and I cannot wait to go home. My best friend Angel still doesn't know I am gay and I have been purposely antagonizing her, saying I have something to tell her for the last two months now. I cant freaking wait to come out to her, she is literally the peanut butter to my jelly. She is so open minded about gay people and she will probably start jumping up and down when I tell her. We plan on getting drunk together for New Years and I cannot wait!

Smokin dat cush hahaha


  1. Hi from Spain again...
    I see that you've been productive, a lot of new material for me to read :)
    Anyways, do u have an e-mail or sth to stay in touch and chat maybe? (although I'm not the biggest chat fan, timewise) If you prefer to communicate in this way, I'll understand, it's probably not easy to keep track of so many fans :) cheers from Madrid!

  2. AGD: Have fun but don't go overboard, you have written so much about finding yourself and God having a purpose for you- be sure you stick around to see things through. Don't waste your potential when you have so much to offer.

  3. dude, why would you say that getting drunk is wrong and then go boasting that you cant wait to get drunk with her as a christian, do you want to directly disobey God? like "fan of caey" said, dont waste your potential on worthless things, pursue God and dont get lost in distractions that like. because when you feed the urges that you have, they will only get stronger

  4. AGD: Let me add, I don't agree with anon 8:10 -- I did NOT say drinking was disobeying God, I didn't make any moral judgment at all -- I just don't want you to get hurt, which can happen when you overdo alcohol. Just know when to limit yourself. Take care.

  5. I agree with Casey. Have fun, but be careful. Make sure you never go off alone/with someone you don't know. Use the buddy system! (though it sounds like you already do so)