Sunday, October 24, 2010


Yep you read correctly, I finally met Socrkid in person! His schools soccer team was in my city to play my schools team and the opportunity finally came up.

Friday night we met up at his hotel the night before the game. I was so nervous as I pulled into the parking lot. I got there fifteen minutes early and hyperventilated in my car. It was so wierd to think I was about to meet someone for the first time, but we knew so much about each other already.

For some reason, all my nerves went away once I saw him face-to-face. Maybe because I know him so well. Or maybe because I felt so comfortable around him. In any event, we sat on a nearby bench and talked about anything and everything. It was so cool to finally talk to another gay guy, who is so similar to myself! Those two hours went by in 10 minutes but I cherished every second of it.

Socrkid is a homie for life!


  1. it was awesome man! im so happy i got to meet you in person but sucks it went by so fast :( that time we spent on the bench really did feel like 10 minutes but felt so good just to be with you in person. hope it can happen again!

    and like the name change! straight acting gays arent always masculine lol

  2. AGD: Wow! That's really cool you got to meet socrkid17 in person and he must have been equally thrilled. And this was after he came out too, so that must have felt like you two had a special bond, since you have been a real inspiration to him.

    PS: So which school won the match?

  3. socrkid- I agree, time flew by but it was a great experience! I hope we can meet again as well, Im sure we will cross paths again eventually ;)

    fan of casey- Thrilled, maybe. Nervous, he was shaking like a leaf. lol Being able to talk about him coming out was so cool. I am honored to be an inspiration :)
    His team won but I wasn't staring at the scoreboard anyways ha

  4. AGD: Oh, I can imagine you were distracted by the sight of socrkid17 being hot and studly all decked out in his uniform. Seeing his toned body and graceful muscles out in the field, he probably was thinking of you also watching him. I wonder if he's going to blush when he reads this? :-)