Thursday, September 2, 2010


My husband is on the cover of Men's Health this month! I'm so proud of my boo!
Finally some fun in my life...I ran out of food today and went over to Publix to stock up. I was half way done with my shopping and randomly decided to stop in the magazine section. I don't know if you guys do this, but I like to scan the Men's Health magazine in the isle and get some free/new exercise ideas. Plus, looking at ripped, shirtless studs doesn't hurt either. If you ever see me in Publixxx with a boner, you know why.

Anyways, I was flipping through an article on building up your abs when a voice from beside me goes "Do I know you?"

I looked up at him and said "huh?" He was about my height (5' 10") dark features, glasses, looked a little nerdy, but fit, hazel eyes, nice smile and looked at least five years older than me.

He goes "you look so familiar, have we met before?" I have never met this dude in my life and he didn't look even remotely familiar, so I sort of chuckled and said "No, I don't think so. Maybe I look like someone you knew?" He named a couple sports and asked if I played them, either attempting to pinpoint where he knew me from, or using it as a conversation starter. I didn't play any of the sports he listed. We kept chatting and he asked me if I was in school.

That's when the gaydar sirens began ringing.

I told him I was, here in the area. I didn't want to give too much information to him, so I didn't tell him which one. He said he graduated from the University of Florida and majored in Economics. He then asked me my major and I told him Advertising and I am considering Graphic Design. We talked for a couple more minutes. At that point he asked for my name, gave me a handshake and we went our separate I thought.

I went down a couple more aisles, doing my thang and getting those bogos, when out of the corner of my eye, I could see him walking towards me. My immediate thought was "oh shit, what does he want now? Can I please just shop in peace?" I didn't make eye contact and pretended like I didn't see him and concentrated on the food in front of me. haha

That plan didn't defer him from walking back up to me and asking " Hey man, you seem like a really nice guy. Would you be interested in an internship?" I smiled, thanked him and asked what exactly his company does.  He said his company is understaffed and is looking for people in the advertising major. I thanked him for the opportunity, but told him I wanted to focus on school full-time. He was understanding and then started digging in his pocket. He pulled out his wallet, took out one of his cards and handed it to me. He points at one of the two numbers on the card and goes "well if you ever change your mind, call me, and the direct number is my private cell number." I smiled and thanked him and didn't see him after that.

So, what do you guys think? Do I have a doppelganger that he used to know, or does he want to get in my pants while I 'intern' for him?


  1. He was also shoppin for more than groceries to bring home

  2. maybe ask him to get a beer and talk more about the internship? tough to read, but at the very least you'll make a new contact right? never hurts

  3. What Taylor said. =) Unless of course you don't want to see him again.

  4. He was hitting on you.

    If you are interested in chatting with him some more, Taylor's suggestion is a no-lose suggestion.

  5. tsk no dude thats just some recruiting tactic. trust me i was a victim. of primerica life insurance. but then i gave it up a couple months later cuz it just wasnt my thing.
    but if u think this might be ur thing, dont hesitate to follow up with him.

    but seriously "do i know you?"?? LOL thats so fuckin lame, no offense

  6. Not sure what the interaction was but no harm in following up with his offer and it might lead to something promising, you never know unless you try.

  7. Thanks for all the funny comments(RJ and Socrkid17) haha
    I'm actually going to step out of my comfort zone and email him. I am not interested in him, if thats the primary reason why he approached me then he went up to the wrong gay guy. lol I would be interested in gaining life experience, and an internship practically being handed to me in a way, cant beat that! Too good to be true, I'll find out...
    The email is going out Monday so Ill keep yall updated on what happens with this.

  8. Here's my point of view, but I'm certain not all might agree...

    Female gays are born attracted to guys and are born with the inherent ability and know how to please guys...

    Masculine gays are born attracted to guys but are born with the inherent ability and know how to please girls...

    The dillema arises when the masculine gay guy lives his live trying to be straight and heterosexual. He might for a while find some pleasure in girls however once his true sexuality kicks in and some of his gayest fantasies start to take over... It's hello Kelsey scale! From straight u discover ur just bi-curious, then after loving it with a guy you continue and in time come to terms with accepting the fact you might be bi but prefer girls... In due time afterwards u then could meet a stable guy, something that goes from sexual to also emotional in intimacy... By this point your then beginning to believe your a true bi... But then u've had sex with both girls and guys and your sexual arousal towards men beats the girls by like 1000%... Ya ok... You give it thought, hopefully not married and with children, but u certainly do... Once u begin to accept and love yourself, and stop lying to yourself and others you think about everything that happened in your past life, the thoughts you had about men at different intervals in your life, the truth begins to set in and you finally begin to understand what gay masculine is and you realize how pathetic and useless sex ed class was back in your high school days, and how uninformed and stereotypical the world is about gays even today.