Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hello Blog World!!

Here goes nothing!

I have never made a blog before, but after what life has thrown at me, this is my last resort. I'm a 19 year old (closeted) gay college student. The only person who knows I'm gay is my older brother, who I came out to about four days ago.

I created this blog as an outlet to share my thoughts, feelings and emotions that I could NEVER tell someone in real life at this time.

I am so excited to start blogging! Hopefully as it begins to grow, it will help impact another person struggling with the same thing I am.


  1. yo man. welcome to blog world! Nice layout too. I look forward to reading your posts daily. I'm glad u started one.

  2. Thanks BDNY! I feel like this wouldn't even exist if I hadent stummbled across your blog a couple nights ago. You helped encourage me through those emails to make one and I can't thank you enough dude. I feel like the other half of my "life" that I hide from the world can finally be written down and this blog will only help me in the long run