Monday, August 9, 2010

My Obsession with Huskies

As a little kid, my household has always been nothing less then loud and crazy. My neighborhood was slam packed with kids our ages. I was always at a friend's house or people were constantly coming in and out of mine. I love being around people.

But I love animals too!! We've had a rabbit, fish, a turtle, hamsters and an iguana (but I got rid of it after 48 hours because I was scared of it). Above all, my parents have a love for cats. My dad especially. We've always had one growing up. When I was a baby, we had a black and white cat named Scooter, who I would chase around the porch as a baby. When he died, we got a new cat about 9 months later, named Tanner.

This story is actually really interesting. My dad was reading the newspaper and discovered that a theater cat who performed in plays, was up for a contest adoption. So my parents checked it out and fell in love with the two-year-old cat. They told me and my siblings about the contest and we wrote in our stories. I think I just drew pictures haha I was like five at the time.

Well neither me nor my siblings knew that we had won the contest, until there was a knock on the door Christmas morning with two of the theater people holding a crate and News Channel 5 behind them. It was a whole sh-bang and I was jumping up and down with glee. We were in the newspaper and it was pretty cool. The entire neighborhood was at our house an hour later to check out our new orange tabby.

Tanner passed away two years ago, at about 14 years old. Just recently, we got another cat. Since we fell in love with orange tabbies, it was only appropriate to get another one. Our vet knew we were on the look out and it just so happened that his next door neighbor's cat had a litter. All the cats were born outside in a big flower pot. All the kittens got big enough to jump out and escape, except for the smallest one, our Tebow. :)

Tebow at 5 months

As much as I loved growing up with cats, I really want a dog. A HUSKY! Huskies are the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen. They are such gentle, friendly and playful creatures! My neighbors have one and when they go on vacations, they always ask me to watch Bobbie because they know I absolutely love her. Hopefully the person I fall in love with likes Huskies, because I'm getting one either way! haha


  1. I want Tebow! lol. Lets go Huskies! I like those dogs too.

  2. LOL tebow's a cat!
    when i get a dog i have always wanted to name it "denver"...

  3. @ BDNY-Sometimes I want to give him away, hes a little monster! Bit through my new headphones lol :(

    @ Joey- Tebow is a cat! Hes more like a God but ya know. Denver is a sweet name, Iv'e always wanted to name my dog Taz

  4. Falstaff AZ is up in the mountains, generally much cooler. Snow in the winter. College town. Huskies would be happy there. Check it out....

  5. i love huskies aswell, i fell in love with them the moment my classmate (in kindergarden) took hers to show and tell, her name was Kona :)