Monday, August 9, 2010

The Man with Amazing Gaydar!

I wanted to hear your perspectives on a situation that happened about two weeks ago...

I work out at the YMCA several days a week. I either have my iPod in and I workout solo, or I work out with my dad and his friend. I've been exercising there for years, so I'm familiar with the majority of the staff, trainers and other people who exercise around the same time we do.

Unbeknownst to me, there's a guy, about my age, that I guess works there and recognized me. One night, I met up with some friends and we were all in Rachel's atrium, which is attached to her house. It's basically just a small outdoor area connected to her living room, where they grow plants and have some patio furniture. The kid from the gym, whom I've never spoken a word to in my life, coincidently happened to be the pot dealer that Rachel was picking up from.

Once he arrived, Rachel went inside to greet him, closing the sliding door behind her. A few minutes later, she comes back out onto the atrium, sits down, looks at me and goes " Don't freak out, but so and so (I don't even know his name) wasn't sure if you were straight."

I was speechless. I tried to play it cool, although my mind began racing with paranoia. That's certainly not a good mindset to be in if you plan on smoking, because that paranoia will just spread like wildfire and ruin your high. If you're going to smoke, make sure you're in a good headspace. I said 'of course I'm straight' and asked her what she said to him. She told him I was straight and that was it, she didn't think anything else of it.

He came and went within five minutes, so I still have yet to say a word to him. Is it weird that this kid sensed I was gay, when some of the people closest to me haven't? I'm still wondering why he even asked her that in the first place. He either has some sort of 6th sense and can detect gay people really well or he is a little curious himself and wanted to know my orientation.

Regardless, it made me uncomfortable because she said it in front of my other friends too. I knew she didn't mean to make me feel that way by any means, but as a closeted person, that moment felt like the end of the world. I wanted to evaporate into thin air and disappear.

Now that I'm aware of this dude's existence, what should I do the next time I see him at the gym? Ignore him? Okay, good idea!


  1. yo man. I think you should just talk to him more. If he gives anymore hints than ask him. I wouldnt simply ask him esp. since you dont know him as much. Hope that helps man.

  2. Well it's been my experience that when someone asks if someone else is gay/bi or straight they usually are interested in them and want to know if they make a move if they will get a positive responce or their ass kicked. You "might" get yourself a boyfriend out of this. Hehehe

  3. Thanks for the advice guys. However, I decided to let it go. I leave for college in less then a week so I never have to see the kid again anyways. Who knows why he cared whether or not I was straight. The kid is a punk anyways and dosent deserve my time.