Thursday, August 12, 2010


One of the biggest celebrations a fraternity has each year is their Bid Party. It's a party throw in recognition for their "potentials," who got a bid to become pledges. Looking back at this night, I had no idea what I was in for and I don't think my pledge brothers did either.
The second we pulled up to the house, which was a mansion that some Alumni lived in, I knew it was going to be insane. Me and my other pledge brothers walked into this house and it was absolute chaos. There was hundreds of dollars worth of alcohol, a bar on the back porch, a beer pong table going, gin buckets in the kitchen, and about 80 people in attendance. Brothers were grabbing me in every direction, putting a shot glass in my hand and I was shooting them back like they were water.
I never really partied in high school, so I have a very low tolerance for alcohol and I'm skinny. After about an hour, I lost track at 13 shots and 30 gin buckets. I consumed a disgusting amount of liquor. Sometime of the course of the night, one of my pledge brothers came stumbling into the family room of the house and grabbed me to catch his balance. I was leaning against the back of a sofa and I flipped over it and smacked my face onto the wood frame around the glass table.
I got up and couldn't stop laughing. I was so drunk that I didn't feel anything. Angela grabs me and we start running to the bathroom. I start yelling "there's red stuff all over me!" I busted my nose and lip open and blood was all over my face, hands and clothes.
Not a single brother stopped to help, thank God Angela was at this party, along with Shelby. I was laughing the entire time, as we ran past the kitchen and down the hallway, skipping about ten girls who were in line to use the bathroom.
Once we got into the bathroom, she cleaned me up and then all of a sudden, both of us hear this noise coming from behind the shower curtain. Angela opens the curtain while I'm throwing up into the toilet and reveals a drunk chick pissing in the bathtub!
I don't remember leaving that bathroom and I blacked out for the very first time that night. The following day, Angela said she tried to go upstairs to bring me back to the dorms where we all live, but I was black out and the President of the frat wouldn't let her. So instead, she took my pledge brother Andrew, Shelby and Anna back to campus, who were all WASTED. Andrew tried hooking up with Shelby, but Angela had to physically kick him out of her car once she got them back to campous. She was an Angel that night.


  1. sounds like a solid night hahahahah

  2. Man thats a hilarious story but you gotta watch out man. From what I read, you took things really very far and could have been seriously hurt.

    I'm not saying to not have fun, and hell, I'm not asking you to sip on your beer or anything like that, but be careful.