Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Divine Interference

My life is a rollercoaster ride at the moment. College is in full throttle and I'm doing my best to balance academics, studying, Fraternity functions, friends, art, etc.

'Etc.' aka coming out of the closet. It just so happened that I received a helping hand the other day in my coming out process. I finished classes around 4 PM and as I left to meet up with a friend, I walked through the Student Union. To celebrate it's one year anniversary since being built, there were booths, contests, free food, music and clubs/organizations handing out promotional flyers.

I wasn't paying much attention to my surroundings as I walked through the festivities. In the midst of texting my friend back, a person standing beside a booth handed me a broacher. Without even looking up at the individual, I accepted the flyer and continued texting. Once I clicked send and dropped my phone back in my pocket, I looked down at the broacher and halted.

It was like an invisible wall came shooting out of the ground and I walked into it. I couldn't help but just stare at what I was holding with bewilderment.

I was holding onto something that I was considering doing for the last month now. On the front of the broacher, in large bold letters, had the words "Counseling Center" printed across it.

I am making an appointment next week! AHH!!


  1. I'm glad school is going well for u man! That's ironic about that broucher. Ya def. take that counseling. They may give u some good advice. Keep us posted. I enjoy reading your posts everyday!

  2. Yeah, don't suffer in silence when there's help available -- it's a small but important step to acknowledge that you want to tackle this assertively. Remember, you are not alone, remain hopeful.

  3. I set a deadline with myself to call the counseling center by tommorow. Im nervous/excited all at the same time. Fingers crossed!