Thursday, August 12, 2010


I love art! Even as a young child, I've always been good at drawing and building things. In elementary school, the art teacher held a contest and chose the best piece of artwork from each grade. I was in second grade at the time and beat all the other kids in my grade! I drew a picture of a gator, go family is die hard UF fans. It went on display somewhere in town and my parents and I went to the location one weekend. It was the first time I felt really proud of myself. 
In sixth grade, I took a technology class, where me and two other buddies made the best video out of all of his classes.
In seventh grade, my Health teacher held a Drug Awareness contest. Each group had to draw a poster sized picture that contained five quotes within it. The other people in my group wrote a bunch of funny quotes, while I drew a picture of Spongebob and Patrick smoking joints and we won! She said the winners would get their picture turned into t-shirts, but she never did.
My sophomore year of High School, I took Spanish II and all the Spanish teachers assigned a video group project. Yeah you guessed it, me and my two friends Patty and Anita won! We made the absolute funniest video. I produced and directed the majority of it, so I was even more excited when we won. When presentation day came and we played our video in front of the class, our teacher started crying from laughing so hard. We received a standing ovation! That was really cool.
I also took Pottery I, II, III, AP 3D Design and Jewelry class(which had more guys then girls ha).
When I started college, I missed being able to get my hands dirty and make stuff with clay and cool material, so I began drawing. I'm in a psychedelic phase! I love how trippy this piece turned out! It took me two weeks to draw, in my free time. I'm doing an entire psychedelic series! Check the rest of the pieces out here


  1. You could've said "acid phase" and this pic would've made sense too. Nice read man.

  2. Very nice work! You definitly are talented. And I have 2 college degrees in art. Not that I'm bragging or anything.

  3. :) Thank you
    Cash- Very true, although I've never done acid, but your right lol
    Scott-Thats so cool man! Nah your not bragging, be proud of those degrees!! You must be extremely talented, would love to see some of your work