Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Might Be Coming Out to my Sister Soon!

My older brother, who is the only person that knows I'm gay, might be visiting for the weekend! He and my sister are both accounting majors and currently studying for the CPA exams and he just finished taking the 4th and final test today. I don't know all the details, but he said he might skip a business meeting in San Diego and fly home to FL and see us instead.

This would be crucial if he did so, because I made the conscious decision that I am going to come out to my sister. I want him to be there when I tell her, so this might be my only opportunity the three of us will be together until Christmas. I'm really nervous/excited to tell her, because my sister and I are really close. However, she has a big mouth and the possibility of her blabbing to someone else, scares me a bit. If all the plans work out right, I am going to tell her this Saturday!! Check out the story here


  1. man i'm really close to my sis but even she dosnt kno i'm bi. the only person who knows i'm bi is my gay crush lol as ironic as that sounds. but ya best of luck to u dude.

  2. dude thats awesome your so close to your siblings. i actually go to the same college as my sister and we have become much closer and i have thought about coming out to her but i feel like she might say it out loud on accident. if it everything works out good luck man!

    oh and nice pics by the way. thats awesome your so open man!

  3. Thanks Joey! Im actually less nervous and more excited. When your ready, I would so recommend you coming out to a close friend or even your sister. I have never been so nervous in my life as I was when I came out to my brother but the outcome was incredible!

    Socrkid17, glad you like the pictures. I felt it was only fair to my followers to keep this blog as un-anynomous as possible. I was definitly blessed to have been born into the family that I was. Im sure your sister wouldn't say anything to another person If you explain to her how deep this situation is to you and just tell her that she should feel honored for being the first person youv'e ever told, and she can become an outlet to vent your struggles and issues to. And thanks, hopefully my sis takes it well!